Hire Right, Fire Fast: Facing Up to Hiring Mistakes

Hire Right, Fire Fast~ Facing Up to Hiring Mistakes ~ December, 2010 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Of course you want the best talent available for your business, with the characteristics and personality that fit your culture. Hiring the “right” people is critical to every organization. In a recession the stakes are even higher: every smart […]

Curiosity Kills the Cat But Wins the Customer

Curiosity kills the cat but wins the customer ~ November, 2010 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw If you’re searching online for a blind date, you can narrow the field demographically to, let’s say, people between age 35 and 45 who live in Denver. And you can take a peek at the all-important photograph. But is that […]

Ready to Return to Robust Growth!- Thoughts on Jack Daly’s Six Principles

Ready to return to robust growth! ~ October, 2010 Thoughts on Jack Daly’s six principles I have to tell you, I’m done with the “new normal.” Let’s get back to business! It was in this state of mind that I recently attended a Colorado CEO Forum where I had the good fortune to hear speaker/author/trainer/coach […]

How to Make Future-Focused Decisions

How to make future-focused decisions ~ September, 2010 A district manager for Starbucks noticed that she was losing customers in her stores. She checked out her competition and found that they were offering sweetened coffee drinks, not offered by Starbucks. She listened to her customers who asked, “Why can’t we get the same kind of […]

Why Training Should be the Last Thing You Cut

Why training should be the last thing you cut ~ August, 2010 An organization I’m familiar with anticipated doubling its size within a year and, in order to manage the change that growth would bring, put in a new layer of management. Five vice presidents were installed, all of them promoted from within. Rather than […]

Trust Me, 100 Percent

Trust me – 100 percent~ July, 2010 To paraphrase Jerre Stead, the wise chairman and CEO of IHS, Inc., one of Colorado’s largest and most successful global companies: When you operate with 100 percent trust, great people do great things. Leaders who earn the right to say “trust me” get that extra push in performance […]

The Secret Behind Living Your Brand

The secret behind living your brand ~ April, 2010 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw The statistics on why companies lose customers haven’t changed for years. Is anyone listening? A full 68 percent of customers who leave are turned away, not by dissatisfaction with the product, but by the indifferent attitude of a single employee. All the […]

The Triple Bottom Line and Talent Management

The triple bottom line and talent management ~ March, 2010 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Leading authors are writing about it; conferences are featuring it; and many are calling on corporations to report on it. The triple bottom line—people, profits and planet—has unofficially become a leading indicator. Rather than being measured solely on profitability, companies, and […]