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Rethink Work in 2022 Recruiting Trends & Strategies

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to Rethink Work – Let's not waste it or forget what's at stake!

The world rarely experiences moments like the one we’re in now. Looking at history through a workplace lens, two of the rare transformative events were the Industrial Revolution pushed by the invention of electricity and the Digital Revolution driven by the invention of the internet. Our current workplace metamorphosis is largely the result of the 2020 worldwide pandemic. New generations of workers, innovations in technology, and other factors have led to major changes in the way we work over the past few years. However, experiencing the pandemic has pushed us into an entirely new paradigm. It leaves us with no doubt that successful companies of the future must not only generate profits as in the past but must also foster thriving employees who can weather crises and remain resilient. These are the new “rules” for workplaces—and we’re struggling to understand what they mean.

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