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ACG is the global community for middle-market M&A deal-makers aand business leaders focused on driving growth. ACG Denver is the premier business association in the Rocky Mountain region, offering access to expert people and essential resources that help drive middle-market growth. ACG Denver includes representatives from companies, private equity, finance, and professional service firms. The Denver Chapter’s aim: help Colorado business owners and senior executives navigate the growth business community with valuable content, best-of-class resources and capital formation.

TalenTrust CEO Kathleen Quinn Votaw has served on the Board of Directors for ACG Denver and has presented on talent and culture at the chapter’s Corporate Executive Breakfasts. In spring 2018, she spoke about talent management at the ACG Intergrowth conference.

Emplify is on a mission to help one million employees do the best work of their careers. Giving organizations a way to unlock the potential of their people, Emplify’s insights™ framework distills culture and feedback into employee analytics that enables leaders to make better data-driven decisions. Emplify offers a unique blend of mobile-first technology, behavioral psychology, and data science—delivered with human expertise.

Driven by a passion to help companies win the war for talent, iCiMS is proud to offer leading software solutions and tools to unify all aspects of talent acquisition. With iCiMS, companies can manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle within a single SaaS application. Their focus on user-friendly technology and exceptional customer experience have made iCiMS the largest standalone provider in the industry. iCiMS offers the only true enterprise end-to-end talent acquisition platform.

See tomorrow’s economy today. ITR Economics provides the best economic intelligence to reduce risk and drive practical and profitable business decisions. Since 1948, ITR Economics has provided business leaders with economic information, insight, analysis, and strategy. ITR Economics is the oldest privately-held, continuously operating economic research and consulting firm in the US.

Read this ITR article on human capital as your most crucial investment. Listen to this ITR webinar on hiring, featuring expert insight from TalenTrust. Depending on where your firm is within the economic cycle, there are specific strategies to maximize your investment in human capital.

The National Center for the Middle Market, NCMM, ensures the vital middle market receives the attention it deserves. The Center provides a voice and point-of-view for this critical yet understudied segment of the economy, driving national dialogue about its importance and impact.

Issues like recruiting, training, and retention top the list of challenges middle market companies continue to face. The acute workforce challenges—and the solutions—are clearly presented in this NCMM report, titled Help Wantedread reaction from TalenTrust and download the full report. Listen to ncmm podcast – episode #18, as TalenTrust CEO discusses the report and hiring best practices with NCMM Executive Director Tom Stewart. Listen to the talentrust monthly talent & culture briefing, as Stewart explains how middle market companies can address the talent shortages that limit their growth.

A CFO Center part-time Chief Financial Officer will add rocket-fuel to your business. Over the last 15 years the CFO Centre Group has become the largest and most respected provider of part-time Chief Financial Officer services in the world.

Listen to this TalenTrust Talent & Culture briefing on Culture by Design vs. Default, featuring The CFO Center as a case study.

More than just an employee survey, TINYpulse discovers how your employees are feeling and performing. Measure how happy, frustrated, or burnt-out your employees are, and gain real-time employee feedback to create a company culture you can be proud of. From hire, to inspire, to retire, TINYpulse provides a platform for the complete employee experience.

Listen to the TalenTrust Monthly Talent & Culture Briefing with TINYpulse. Cody Lamens, Head of Sales, and Andrew Sumitani, Director of Marketing, offer a simple framework for turning employee feedback into profit.

Vistage is improving the lives of high-integrity leaders. Over its 60-year history, Vistage has solidified a reputation as the world’s most trusted executive coaching company. The Vistage core formula of peer groups of executives from non-competing industries, backed by one-to-one coaching, has driven members to outperform their competition through boom markets and recession.

Vistage members list talent as their #1 challenge and one that limits growth. TalenTrust acts as a national sponsor, providing critical insight to address this business challenge. Find TalenTrust articles and webinars on the topics of talent and culture in the vistage research center. Listen to the TalenTrust Monthly Talent & Culture Briefing on 5 key strategies to find and keep top talent, with Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer at Vistage.

Coach and develop the next generation of leaders. Create a customized game plans to drive clarity and success.

Overcome barriers to growth through management consulting, strategy, executive team development, and leadership coaching.

Get results with the power of brain science. Learn how to master the new leadership and organizational skills required to get clear and execute on winning in today’s hyper-paced world.

Jack Daly is a leading sales speaker and trainer with over 30 years of sales and executive experience. His track record is a testament to his real-world knowledge and extensive expertise in sales and sales management. Jack is also the Amazon Best Selling Author of Hyper Sales Growth and The Sales Playbook for Hyper Sales Growth, a CEO Coach and a 15-time Ironman competitor. He achieves these goals and lives life to the fullest by following his own Life by Design techniques. To learn more about Jack Daly’s programs visit www.jackdalysales.com

Smooth Selling Forever enables small and mid-size business leaders to generate significant, predictable, and sustainable sales growth through sales planning, sales management and professional sales development services. Learn more at https://smoothsellingforever.com/

Keri Blair is a nationally recognized Personal Stylist and Image Consultant with a one-of-a-kind approach who prides herself on making a profound difference in people’s lives.

She has almost 20 years of experience transforming lives and draws upon her experience in some of the world’s most dynamic, beautiful cities including New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Milan to do so.

The Law Office of Cynthia E. Wellbrock, LLC is a boutique Employment Law firm that provides high-quality legal representation and advice concerning employment law to employees and businesses in Denver and the Front Range. Since its inception in 2002 The Law Office of Cynthia E. Wellbrock, LLC has been recognized for its rigorous advocacy, compassion for its clients, and dynamic and creative strategies to achieve clients’ goals. 

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Teresa Charles VP Human Resources, APR

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