Right-on-the-nose recruiting for top people

Employment today is as much about purpose and relationship as it is about the job. Why do you do what you do—can you express it clearly? And what’s so special about your leadership—why would people want to follow you into battle every day? How well do you communicate your “why” to candidates and employees? How […]

How can I be a GREAT leader in a virtual world?

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw When everyone is working in the same place and the culture is positive, leadership is magical. You feel like the charismatic boss you are as you build relationships, observe behavior, take the team out to lunch, mentor, coach, share knowledge, and motivate your people to achieve great things for themselves and […]

Oh Yes, You Can!

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Do you believe that anything’s possible? Or do you see roadblocks in your way? When you change your predominant mindset from a fixed to a growth orientation, everything in your life—and your business—can change. It’s your choice as to whether you approach things from an “I can’t do it” or from […]

You’re not still asking those weird interview questions (are you?)

by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Because Google started asking quirky interview questions a few years ago, so did just about everyone else. Google soon realized that the answers to questions like, “How many golf balls can you fit in an airplane?” are a waste of time, serving only to make the hiring manager feel smart and […]

The ageless workplace: let’s rebrand retirement

by Kathleen Quinn Votaw “I’m 55-years-old … do you think they’ll hire me?” asked the candidate tenuously. “Why wouldn’t they hire you? You’ve got the credentials,” I assured him. But I knew he had a point. Many candidates and companies burden themselves with filters that cripple their mutual opportunity. Luckily, in this case an enlightened […]

Post & Pray—widely used and useless

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw “Post & pray” may have been a good way to get what you wanted from Santa Claus, but if your company is still using it as a hiring strategy, as many do, it’s time to grow up. Posting your open positions and praying that the right person finds you rarely works—especially […]

Jobvite Article Features TalenTrust

Jobvite turned to TalenTrust CEO Kathleen Quinn Votaw for her perspective on the difference between recruiting and talent acquisition. Here’s the full article and below are excerpts. … If your company expects faster than normal growth for the next several quarters, then a talent acquisition strategy can save you a great deal of time finding […]

Employees don’t fit neatly into algorithms

So let’s rethink performance reviews By Kathleen Quinn Votaw When you think about the change that’s happening almost everywhere at a pace we’ve come to accept, there are still some critical areas stuck firmly in the past. One of those is performance reviews, which some brave companies are rethinking with great success. If you’re waiting to see how […]

Monkeys, geese, cans and talent strategy

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw   Denver’s Infinite Monkey Theorem’s canned wine (yes wine in cans) has been praised in Wine Spectator, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. Maybe their cans are produced in Boulder by Wild Goose Canning, whose revolutionary sealing process has put the company at the vanguard of canning beer, wine and spirits […]

The best you is waiting for a mentor

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw A mentor is like nothing else in your life. If you don’t have one, find one. If you’ve already arrived, I hope you’ll become one. Mentors guide us to a new destination in life, and sometimes we don’t even know where that is. They teach us to be the best at […]