Contract Staffing

TalenTrust offers a full turnkey solution for temporary and contract staffing to save time and resources while minimizing risk.

Benefits of Contract Staffing

Now more than ever, companies are turning to contract workers. Both employee and employer benefit from this trending workforce. Workers prefer the freedom and flexibility. Companies can cut nearly 45% in overhead by hiring contract workers and minimize their risk associated with stringent compliance regulations. Here are just a few of the benefits that contract staffing can offer your business.

Cost Savings

Contract staffing allows you to reduce costs associated with recruiting, processing payroll and maintaining employees. It also reduces fixed payroll costs by not having to provide benefits & coverages such as workers comp, paid sick leave, health insurances or unemployment claims.


Use this as a trial period before hiring an employee on full time. This gives you the chance to evaluate the potential employee's performance before you make a long term committment

Risk Reduction

Limit risk of exposure to workers comp and insurance claims. Hiring a contract employee also limits employment-related lawsuits such as wrongful termination and also limits the risk of paying monstrous fines and back taxes for tax compliance related issues.

Meet Demands

Meet fluctuating labor demands resulting from seasonal work, project-based assignments, or effects of the current pandemic. Reduce temporary workers instead of laying off regular staff and use contract workers to alleviate heavy work loads in busy seasons.

“We now have access to the very best candidates through a comprehensive nationwide search. TalenTrust is well worth the investment.”

Dave Rzasa CEO, ASD

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