Critical Focus for Recovery & Growth: Strategic HR

Business success depends on the speed and creativity of HR leadership as never before and they are quickly becoming the heroes of many companies trying to recover from the challenges of 2020. Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO of TalenTrust, shares strategies for managing the growing complexity of our workplaces and optimizing your valuable HR resources. 

October 27, 2020

11:00 AM MDT

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“We were impressed with the meticulous, methodical process and tools TalenTrust used, and the results they could demonstrate.  The talent we’ve been able to attract has helped us build a platform that we can leverage as we continue our growth.” 

Mike McCurdie CEO, SAFEbuilt

Do you have the resources you need for your next big project but have concerns about cost?

TalenTrust helps NPW Contracting, Inc. fully staff during explosive growth to achieve 3 times revenue growth!

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