TalenTrust’s experts guarantee Healthcare organizations find and retain quality talent according to budget

Success Story: HealthTeamWorks

Non-profit healthcare organization turns to TalenTrust for an economical recruiting solution that will provide the talent necessary for growth.

“I was confident that we were about to go through a growth phase and knew that TalenTrust was going to help me help myself by making the recruitment process better and more successful.” 

-Bert Miuccio, Former CEO HealthTeamWorks

Success Story: Trapelo Health

Healthcare tech company partnership with TalenTrust based on three key factors: cultural fit, cost structure, and proven track record.

“For a reasonable monthly investment, they literally became our recruiting department, helping us clarify how we describe our culture and define the roles we needed to fill.”

-Clynt Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, Trapelo Health

Success Story: Lifecycle Biotechnologies

TalenTrust helps a biotechnology firm hire great people and so much more.

“TalenTrust brought an integrated approach. It is not just about recruiting, but it is about the full process and finding great candidates who fit our culture and making the right hiring decisions. ”

-Cody Yarborough, President of Lifecyle Biotechnologies

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We needed good talent at the middle management level and didn’t have the dedicated internal resources to develop and vet a pipeline of candidates.” 

—Clynt Taylor, CEO, Trapelo Health