TalenTrust CEO Offers Expert Insight for Vistage Talent Series

Talent. Growth. Hiring. If they’re keeping you up at night — you’re not alone. 87 percent of CEOs count talent as their No. 1 challenge.

Although most (72 percent) plan to increase hiring and expect fierce competition, the National Center for the Middle Market reports that 44 percent cannot find candidates with the skills they need, and this limits growth. It’s time to get creative.

TalenTrust and Vistage present Talent: An Essential Priority, with half-day executive events scheduled for:

  • June 27, 2018 – Pittsburgh
  • October 9, 2018 – Nashville
  • December 6, 2018 – Tri-State
  • February 27, 2019 – Orange County

Now more than ever, CEOs face critical decisions and are making strategic investments that determine their fate and fortune. It’s time to think smarter. The strengthened ability to hire, retain, engage and manage talent — as an integral part of your business strategy — will give your organization a competitive edge.

Join us for this half-day event with two business thought leaders, Kathleen Quinn Votaw, TalenTrust CEO, and Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer at Vistage. Leave prepared to make talent a strategic focus for growing a successful, competitive business. The time is now.

During this interactive session, Kathleen speaks about People: Your biggest investment and best competitive strategy. Specifically, she explains how to:

  1. Develop workplace culture by design, vs. by default.
  2. Establish an ongoing, strategic, and proactive recruitment process that includes identifying current and future skills gaps.
  3. Welcome new employees and then offer extensive, ongoing training and development.
  4. Boost employee engagement to improve your company’s productivity, creativity, profitability, and growth

“They bring us great candidates so our management teams don’t waste time sorting through a mass of resumes. And we hire at a cost that is much more competitive than with a typical recruiting firm.”

Jim Perry CEO, Jupiter Consolidated Group

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