Right, Wrong and the Torment of a Bad Choice

Right, Wrong and the Torment of a Bad Choice ~ August , 2009 A recruiter’s client was so excited about two candidates that they had a difficult time making a choice. They finally decided that they wanted to hire both candidates. The problem was that this company couldn’t afford to

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Human Capital New King for PEGs: Building bold leadership for change

Human Capital New King for PEGs: Building Bold Leadership for Change ~ June, 2009 A recent Forbes article begins: “The focus at private equity firms is shifting. Cash will always be king, but looking ahead, the most important type of capital may very well be human.It’s a company’s bold leadership

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Social Media Add Power to Recruiting

Social Media add Power to Recruiting ~ May, 2009 “I would rather be tied up to stakes in the Kalahari Desert , have honey poured over me and red ants eat out my eyes than open a Twitter account. Is there anything you can say to change my mind?” –

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The Essence of Ethics

The Essence of Ethics ~ April, 2009 Late at night…no one around for miles – and yet you stop at the red light and wait. Why? You stop because it’s the ethical thing to do. We trust each other to stop, whether or not anyone is watching. You could say

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Workplace Flexibility: A low-cost benefit with high returns

Workplace Flexibility – a Low-Cost Benefit with High Returns ~ March 2009 Flexible work options like telecommuting increase loyalty, boost morale, enhance productivity, and minimize turnover – often with very little investment. More companies need to see the light. Most of today’s workers are looking for flexibility and better work/life

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Networking is a Valuable Labor for Executives

Networking is a Valuable Labor for Executives ~ February, 2009 Recently, a COO who had been out of work for a while told me he would never again be without a personal network. Unfortunately, this COO is not alone. Too many executives fail to make time in their schedules to

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Promoting Women to the Executive Suite

Promoting Women to the Executive Suite ~ January, 2009 If your company already has women in executive and board positions, you’re a step ahead in attracting other talented women leaders. Talented women attract other talented women – and every company needs a full deck of talent to succeed. Numerous studies

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