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State of Arkansas Department of Health

Connie Melton, Direcotr

TalenTrust supports the need to fill new, critical positions quickly, cost effectively, with agility and in alignment with strategic workforce changes.

“The people that TalenTrust has helped us bring in have been incredible.  Working with TalenTrust is one of the best decisions we have ever made.” 

Kristy Taddonio Mullins CEO, Mile Hi Companies


TalenTrust was selected by the State of Arkansas to address workforce hiring requirements presented by COVID-19. TalenTrust helped lead the Arkansas Department of Health in filling more than 100 contract positions in response to an overwhelming influx of lab tests and requirement to track results.

The challenges the agreement resolves include: the need to fill new critical positions quickly, cost effectively, with agility, and in alignment with strategic workforce changes. TalenTrust’s solution is designed to meet current needs and provide continued support that gives the Department of Health the ability to prevail in these unprecedented times.


TalenTrust was selected, in part, because of their values alignment. “We connected with TalenTrust because we can see they care about our community and truly are people working with people. We matter,” states Mandy Thomas, Associate Director. “The temporaries being placed are from our community and we’re more than pleased with the group TalenTrust has placed,” adds Connie Melton, Director. “We train the new workers in one day; they start entering in the afternoon. TalenTrust quickly understood exactly what was needed. It’s been fantastic for our morale. We’re very pleased.”


“We see the dedication Arkansas Department of Health has to protecting their people and the pride they take in serving the community,” says Kathleen Quinn Votaw, TalenTrust CEO. “We are honored to serve them to make a significant impact in the lives of the people of Arkansas in overcoming these challenging times.” 

TalenTrust is proud to continue our work with this team into 2021.


Website: Arkansas Department of Health
Headquarters: Little Rock, AR

Mission Statement: To protect and improve the health and well-being of all Arkansans. 

Vision Statement: Optimal health for all Arkansans to achieve maximum personal, economic and social impact.

What is public health? One definition – from a 1988 report by the Institute of Medicine’s “The Future of Public Health” – is this: “Public health is the science and the art of preventing disease, prolonging life, and organizing community efforts to do the following: keep the environment clean, control communicable infections, educate individuals in personal hygiene (like hand washing for example), organize medical and nursing services for the early diagnosis and treatment of disease, and develop the social machinery to ensure everyone a healthy standard of living.”