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ASD, Inc.

Dave Rzasa (President & CEO)

TalenTrust searches nationwide for technical experts and game changers.

“We now have access to the very best candidates through a comprehensive nationwide search. TalenTrust is well worth the investment.”

Dave Rzasa CEO, ASD


“We needed professional help to find the right people who could help us grow,” said CEO Dave Rzasa.

The small but growing privately-held company found a limited pool of local candidates. They wanted to reach the best candidates nationwide with a message about why ASD was special as an innovative global leader in developing and manufacturing scientific instruments. While the company had award-winning products, it lacked a formal recruiting process and recruiting

“My executives spent time and energy on recruiting instead of running our business,” stated Rzasa. “And the time and energy they spent wasn’t bringing in results. We didn’t spend much money on recruiting and we were getting what we paid for.”


ASD turned to TalenTrust in 2008 and again in late 2011 to find exceptional talent for their growing organization. TalenTrust managed the talent acquisition process from beginning to end, which enabled the executives at ASD to focus on their business objectives.

“They paid particular attention to what our needs were and spent quality time with us to learn our company personality and culture,” said Rzasa.

The company had very specialized, highly technical job requirements for people across the organization, from software and hardware engineers to sales and marketing professionals. Based on these findings, TalenTrust began to proactively seek top talent on behalf of ASD.

Rzasa listed access and screening as the top benefits of the partnership with TalenTrust. “We now have access to the very best candidates through a comprehensive nationwide search. Then TalenTrust narrows their findings down to present us with the top individuals who will fit our specific needs and work well in our culture.”


Within 18 months, TalenTrust provided top candidates for eight positions at ASD. Among them were several “game changers” in key engineering, sales, channel development and product development roles. These individuals helped position ASD for growth and will support the company following its successful $14 million acquisition in December 2012.

“It’s all about results in my position as CEO,” stated Rzasa. “I have to get results and I think that’s what TalenTrust offers. They are well worth the investment.”


Headquarters: Boulder
Year Founded: 1990
Industry: Instrumentation
Number of Employees: 51


Description: ASD, Inc (now a PANalytical company), is a global leader in high-performance analytical instrumentation and material analysis solutions. ASD spectrometers provide laboratory-grade results in the field and are used for remote sensing, environmental sciences, agricultural, mining, pharmaceutical and pulp/paper industry applications. The company has instruments in 70 countries and a distribution network that covers six continents.