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Hands-On Labs

Linda Jeschofing (CEO)

TalenTrust helps CEO find perfect President

“TalenTrust has the ability to source the perfect people. Their method is about understanding our culture, our goals, our mission, and finding people who align with us in all of these aspects.”

Linda Jeschofnig CEO, Hands-On Labs


As Hands-On Labs grew rapidly into a multi-million dollar business, CEO and Co-Founder Linda Jeschofnig realized she needed the right talent to help move her organization from the entrepreneurial stage to the enterprise stage.

“I literally have a business that grew out of my garage,” explained Jeschofnig. “The company needed to grow beyond my capabilities, but I didn’t have any experience finding people who would help me grow. I didn’t really know what to look for.”

She needed people with specific skills and abilities, but cultural fit was equally important. Everyone on her team had to align with the unique culture at Hands-On Labs and share a passion for online science education.


“I realized that, in order to accomplish our goals, I needed a higher level of professionalism in the business itself and in the effort to select employees,” said Jeschofnig. “We partnered with TalenTrust because they are an organization of high integrity and exceptional professionalism that could help us find the people we needed to move our company forward.”

She added, “I like TalenTrust’s method because it’s about understanding our culture, our goals, our mission, and finding people who align with us in all of these aspects.”


“Our growth certainly has been aided by the people we’ve hired through TalenTrust,” stated Jeschofnig.

Since 2009 TalenTrust has helped Hands-On Labs find exceptional talent for several key leadership roles, including Kevin Melendy, who was hired in Spring 2012 as the organization’s President and COO.

As president, Melendy offers an extensive background in sales, marketing, finance, management and contract manufacturing operations. His integrity and collaborative style of leadership have resulted in reduced expenses, increased productivity and profit margins, and improved employee satisfaction and retention. He has developed and begun to implement business strategies to drive growth for Hands-On Labs. Melendy made drastic changes in the management team, product line, and company focus during his first year in the role. The company experienced 30% revenue growth in 2012 and he aims to triple revenue over the next three years.

“We’ve worked to eliminate competing agendas and focus on alignment, so everyone agrees on our focus, goals and objectives,” explained Melendy.

“Our president was my most important hire and Kathleen, the CEO at TalenTrust, personally screened and selected the top candidates because she knew this was such a vitally important role,” said Jeschofnig. “Kevin and I have a close relationship of absolute trust and I am eternally grateful for TalenTrust’s role in helping me find him.”

She emphasized, “I’ve recommended TalenTrust to a number of entrepreneurial businesses that are growing and ready to move to the next stage. TalenTrust has the ability to source the perfect people.”


Headquarters: Metro Denver
Year Founded: 2000
Industry: Education
Number of Employees: 45


Description:  Hands-On Labs creates LabPaq science kits that allow students to take accredited laboratory sciences courses online and perform experiments at home. LabPaqs cover more than 350 experiments and are available in biology, chemistry, geology, physics, microbiology, anatomy and physiology, and environmental and forensic sciences. They are used by universities, community colleges and career colleges worldwide.