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Jupiter Consolidated Group

Jim Perry (CEO)

TalenTrust provides cost-effective hiring efficiencies to multiple subsidiary companies

“They bring us great candidates so our management teams don’t waste time sorting through a mass of resumes. And we hire at a cost that is much more competitive than with a typical recruiting firm.”

Jim Perry CEO, Jupiter Consolidated Group


“We have 10 companies—each with a different line of business and different types of jobs—and our HR team wasn’t capable of handling all of these hiring needs,” explained Jim Perry, CEO of Jupiter Consolidated Group. “Each company made due on their own without any consistent method of sourcing or hiring. It was taking a lot of time and effort on the part of our management—time and effort they didn’t have.”


Jupiter sought a partner with a consistent, strategic process to replace their varied and rather short-term approach, said Erik Isernhagen, President of LINX, which is a Jupiter subsidiary. “I liked the idea of looking at our long-term needs with a partner who understands our core values, culture and environment, and who is consistently helping us fill positions. It makes a lot of sense.”

He added, “What sold me on TalenTrust was their solid ‘discovery’ process where they learn about our organization, culture, hiring managers, market position etc., and then they take that knowledge and use it to seek and select top candidates.”

“TalenTrust was a good solution for our problem,” stated Perry. “They bring us great candidates so our management teams don’t waste time sorting through a mass of resumes to get to the right candidates. And we hire at a cost that is much more competitive than with a typical recruiting firm.”


TalenTrust began working with Jupiter in July 2012 and within six months placed exceptional talent in six positions across the holding company and three of its subsidiaries. The diverse roles included sales engineers, project managers, a corporate training and wellness manager, and a general sales person. In 2013 TalenTrust is seeking top candidates for multiple positions across six subsidiary companies. These roles range from account executives and project managers to estimators, project designers, solar installers and electricians.

Both Isernhagen and Perry listed the time savings for managers as a top benefit of their partnership with TalenTrust. Perry also emphasized the efficiency that results from working with one partner that uses one process to proactively and consistently seek the most qualified candidates.

Isernhagen offered, “Candidates are now thoroughly vetted and only the very top candidates are in front of hiring managers, plus candidate reach is up and we are getting to the 70% of the candidates who are employed, not the 30% who are looking for employment.”

“TalenTrust has helped us keep up with our fast paced expansion,” concluded Isernhagen. “They have created results for our business, and that is why they are worth recommending.”


Headquarters: Denver
Industry: Holding Company
Number of Employees: 400


Description: Jupiter Consolidated Group offers single source effectiveness for workplace construction, remodeling and relocation. The holding company provides office furniture through OfficeScapes, the largest office furniture company in Colorado with offices in Denver, Colorado Springs and Ft. Collins. Through three other subsidiaries, it also provides tenant finish construction services (i2 Construction); commercial floor covering (Floorz); plus data and phone line cabling and infrastructure, security systems, telephone systems and audio visual equipment (LINX).