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Company Turns to TalenTrust for Strategic Recruiting, Compensation Analysis, and Advice on Enhancing Culture and Employment Brand

“We are in a niche industry and it’s challenging to find the right people with the right skillset and distinct cultural fit.”

Teresa Charles VP Human Resources, APR


In Summer 2016, the company’s EVP of Organizational Development approached TalenTrust for support in recruiting. She had a tenure of nearly two decades with the company, and had initially established the HR function and evolved with the company as it expanded. She had joined the company when it was local and family-owned, continued as it was acquired, and stayed involved in continued U.S. growth through additional acquisitions. 

This EVP had determined that the top threat to her company’s continued growth and success was the inability to find and keep talented employees. She explained, “We were managing ten to 20 open positions each month. Half were professional roles and half were hourly labor, but all were critical to serving our clients. We didn’t have the internal staff to manage it, plus I anticipated that the recruiting challenges would increase, based on both external market forces and our internal needs.”

Her small HR team had limited skills and interest in managing recruitment in strategic manner, and an outside partner would allow her team to focus on other key initiatives such as culture, employee retention, training and development, and succession planning. She was seeking an expert recruiting partner with a proven, scalable solution.



Beginning in Fall 2016, TalenTrust was initially focused on establishing a proactive, strategic, and ongoing recruitment process for the company. The company had grown through acquisition and was focused on integration across different cultures, geographic locations, and teams. The EVP had new positions to fill and was also addressing employee turnover, and thus needed to deploy their most challenging roles to TalenTrust. 

Then, in early 2018, the company engaged with TalenTrust for a Roadmap for Talent Acquisition + Retention, a foundational project that provided a deeper understanding of the people and culture-related issues facing the organization. As a third-party expert, TalenTrust provided an unbiased, holistic report of the current state, plus strategic recommendations to help the organization meet future goals through investment in the right people and culture.

Based on the Roadmap findings, TalenTrust formulated specific recommendations to aid the company in identifying, onboarding, and retaining top talent. To continue to attract and retain the level of talent necessary to achieve its growth goals, 

TalenTrust recommended that the company:

  • Implement a multi-pronged approach to move the talent acquisition function from a Level 1 toward a Level 4 maturity through incorporation of additional best practices related to strategic recruiting solutions, including a strategic focus on developing and maintaining candidate pipelines to move toward a “Just-In-Time” recruitment process.
  • Conduct a compensation analysis using market-based data to strategically revise the company’s compensation philosophy, to enhance efforts to recruit and retain top talent.
  • Implement internal and external strategies to improve and promote their unique culture and employment brand.


“TalenTrust provides great efficiency, and their process is effective,” said the EVP. “The results of our partnership have been very positive. TalenTrust serves over 30 different hiring managers and the team has become experts on who we are, what our company does, and who will be successful in these critical roles. TalenTrust is truly an extension of our team.” 

She added, “The TalenTrust model is different. They are most concerned about fit and really assess each candidate’s attitude and aptitude. TalenTrust has pushed us to increase the pace of our hiring process and to expand our filters for candidates. As a result, we’ve hired some talented people with applicable experience, from outside our industry.” 

During a period of less than three years, the company made critical hires in partnership with TalenTrust. These roles included West Coast Director of Sales, Market Manager, Operations Team Lead, Technical Support Specialist, Supply Chain Specialist, Quality Specialist, Outside Sales Representatives, Mechanical Applications Engineers, Fastener Sales Engineer, Customer Service Representatives, Account Manager. And the hiring of an HR Manager finally allowed the EVP to transition to her more strategic role. 

TalenTrust developed a robust pipeline of candidates for dozens of roles and interviewed nearly 1,000 people for positions at the company. Of the 193 top candidates that TalenTrust submitted, hiring managers interviewed 93 and extended offers to 21. The TalenTrust team worked diligently to engage hiring managers and drive the hiring process forward.

However, what began as an effort to outsource recruiting has evolved into a significant enhancement of the human capital strategies. TalenTrust has been focused on establishing and improving the recruitment process, including ongoing communication to strengthen relationships with hiring managers and ensure consistent use of assessment tools and training. TalenTrust has also provided rationale to adjust compensation policies, to pay competitively and better predict human capital costs. The firm has also offered actionable steps on culture and employment brand.

The EVP noted two important benefits of the partnership. First, her HR team can focus on other initiatives beyond recruiting. Second, having TalenTrust as an external partner and expert adds further credibility to the recommended human capital strategies at the company. TalenTrust has offered the insight and information to help enhance the company’s overall HR approach. As a result, her organization is becoming more competitive in this increasingly tight labor market.

“I can’t put a price tag on the value of our relationship with TalenTrust,” she said “It is exactly what I was looking for in a strategic partnership. Yes, it saves us time and money. More importantly, it offers so much – more than we initially anticipated – and really has helped us take our people practices to the next level.” 


Description: This global company procures and distributes specialty parts and provides the associated engineering and logistics and merchandise services. The company’s drive for excellence and innovation has led to steady growth and global market success for more than 185 years. It employs over 250 employees across the U.S.

Culture & Recognition: The company’s CEO describes the team as having “self-drive and motivation, pursuing something they believe in. We are a company where you are able and encouraged to do far more than just your functional role.”