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Mile Hi Companies

Kristy Taddonio Mullins (CEO)

TalenTrust supports Mile Hi Companies in aggressive growth and geographic expansion

“The people that TalenTrust has helped us bring in have been incredible.  Working with TalenTrust is one of the best decisions we have ever made.” 

Kristy Taddonio Mullins CEO, Mile Hi Companies


Kristy Taddonio Mullins took the reins of the family business in 2013 with her very aggressive growth goals. In her new role as President, she would shake up the status quo as Mile Hi Companies marked more than a century in business. She planned to open new distribution centers in Dallas and Kansas City, plus build a $22 million bakery with double the production capacity in Denver. Her aim with the larger bakery: produce 5,000 dozen baked items per hour with the capability to bake what clients need, when they need it, in a cost-effective manner.

“Our growth goals for the next 10 years are very aggressive, so it was critical that those we hired show an eagerness to be in a growing organization,” stated Taddonio Mullins. “We needed people with the right skill set and cultural fit. They had to be A-players with ‘stretch,’ who could grow into bigger roles with the company’s growth.”


Taddonio Mullins sought a strategic partner to help transform the company’s hiring practices and provide efficiencies by driving the entire talent acquisition process from beginning to end. This would enable the executives at Mile Hi to focus instead on their business objectives.

“I selected TalenTrust because they were completely different from our current approach to recruiting,” she explained. “TalenTrust’s philosophy is about getting to know us first – our vision, our growth plans, our culture, our values, our leadership style and expectations – and then moving forward to discuss our hiring strategy and immediate hiring needs.”

She added, “”It wasn’t just about filling jobs. It was a long-term partnership to help us grow.”


“We had huge success with TalenTrust,” concluded Taddonio Mullins. “I opened distribution centers in Dallas and Kansas City, plus an entirely new bakery here in Denver because of the high level people who have joined our organization as managers and senior directors. It’s been fantastic.”

TalenTrust proactively sought top talent on behalf of Mile Hi for diverse roles that included a Network/System Administrator, a Director of Information Technology, multiple Operations Managers, multiple Transportation Managers, a Dispatcher, a Transportation Administrative Assistant, and a Safety Manager. Meanwhile, Mile Hi’s three-person HR team was able to manage onsite employee issues, onboarding, training, compensation, and benefits—instead of shifting through resumes and focusing on recruiting.

Taddonio Mullins listed multiple efficiencies as a result of her partnership with TalenTrust. “There’s a significant savings of both time and money. I budget for the TalenTrust service over the course of the year and appreciate that it is predictable. We can focus on our core business needs and know that TalenTrust is continually seeking new people for our company, and reporting back to us regularly. They come to us and present us with information and insight. And when we meet a candidate through TalenTrust, we know they have been screened against our requirements and that they are an A+-player who will stay with our organization, so we don’t have to deal with a 90-day trial period or employee turnover. New hires can come in and hit the ground running, because TalenTrust has already done so much of the legwork in finding them and screening them for attitude, cultural fit and skill set.”

It’s one of the best decisions we have ever made,” she stated. “We’ve never used a resource like TalenTrust before because there isn’t anyone quite like TalenTrust. It’s been fantastic. The people we have brought in have been incredible and we’re so grateful.”


Headquarters: Denver
Year Founded: 1901
Industry: Food Distribution
Number of Employees: 675


Description: Mile Hi Companies includes Mile Hi Foods, Mile High Specialty Foods, Mile Hi Bakery and The Taddonio Family Foundation.  Mile Hi Specialty Foods provides distribution, warehousing, storage and local delivery services to over 1,000 restaurants in 16 states.  Clients include Starbucks, Noodles & Co., Chipotle, Quiznos, and Boston Market.  Mile Hi Bakery produces all of the buns used by McDonald’s in the Rocky Mountain Region.  The bakery also provides baked goods for Red Robin, Famous Dave’s, Wendy’s, Good Times, Wingers and the Kroger Company/King Soopers.