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Oil & Gas Company

Chief Human Resources Officer

Oil and Gas Company Evaluates and Enhances Talent Acquisition to Support its Strategic Plan

“We got exactly what we wanted. We received a step-by-step analysis of our processes that outlined what we were doing, and explained how it could be improved. It was based on trusted best practices and credible sources. Ultimately, the work of TalenTrust went well beyond just analysis. It was solution-oriented, with realistic and appropriate recommendations.”

Oil & Gas Company Chief Human Resources Officer


In support of its strategic plan, the company’s Chief Human Resources Officer needed to evaluate and enhance their talent acquisition efforts. The company was poised for continued growth, but required employees on high-performing teams who were committed to accomplishing the strategic plan. The company needed to attract, select, hire, onboard, and retain employees with operational excellence and efficiency while ensuring cultural alignment.

The CHRO suspected that her firm needed to completely overhaul their current recruitment model. As an example, the company was heavily reliant on contract recruiters and external contingent recruiting firms. This included spending a significant amount of money annually on contingent recruiting fees without a tangible return for that investment, because recruiting efforts and related expenses were not centralized for tracking and evaluation. As another example, hiring managers carried the heavy burden of screening candidates without training in interviewing or an understanding of how to assess candidates for their experience and cultural fit.


The CHRO turned to TalenTrust, a Denver-based human capital consulting firm, to conduct an extensive analysis. The resulting diagnostic tool and report is called a Roadmap for Talent Acquisition + Retention. 

TalenTrust agreed and encouraged the firm’s executives to pause and participate in an honest assessment of their current practices and gaps before beginning to develop and execute on strategies, tactics, tools and processes. During the initial eight week engagement, the TalenTrust team conducted the following, to develop the Roadmap for Talent Acquisition + Retention.

• An initial discovery meeting with the oil and gas company
• An in-depth culture, process, and technology interview/shadow session with the team
• Stakeholder interviews with six key team members from across the company’s talent acquisition, compensation, analytics, and HR departments
• A stakeholder survey distributed to ten HR business partners and area managers across the company
• A mapping of the company’s current talent acquisition processes
• Additional external research

Based on this research, TalenTrust provided the firm with an extensive Roadmap for Talent Acquisition + Retention. The 50-page report outlined key findings, recommended best practices, and suggested next steps in order of priority.

The report’s executive summary listed the following eight strategic recruitment best practices, as defined by Bersin (the talent division of Deloitte):

It noted that the firm was “failing” in six best practice areas, “insufficient” in two areas, and not “effective” in any areas. Additionally, the report used the four-level maturity model for talent acquisition, as defined by Bersin:

• Level 1: Reactive Tactical Recruiting – Recruiters function as order-takers for hiring managers. Hiring processes are not well defined, minimal hiring standards are adhered to, and there is no strategic focus on candidate experience.
• Level 2: Standardized Operational Recruiting – Processes and technology are standardized across the organization. Recruiters are beginning to develop strong relationships with HMs and have an effective assessment framework to measure candidates against job requirements. Organizations are beginning to manage their employment brand and to define an employee value proposition.
• Level 3: Integrated Talent Acquisition – TA is fully integrated with HR and talent management functions. The organization has effective social media campaigns and powerful employment brands, and robust TA programs in place including alumni networks and formalized employee referral programs.
• Level 4: Optimized Talent Acquisition – TA is a strategic enabler and partner within the business. The strategic focus centers on forecasting external forces and remaining agile. Organization is committed to investing in new TA products and services to stay competitive.

The report noted that the company was most aligned with Level 1, which indicated great opportunity for improvement. Talent acquisition was a huge factor that, if left unresolved, could hamstring its growth.

Based on its findings, TalenTrust formulated recommendations for process development, modifications, and enhancements that would ultimately aid the firm in identifying, onboarding, and retaining top talent that will be critical to the company’s growth goals. The report explained the current talent acquisition team did not have the capacity to implement all of the proposed strategies and process changes recommended; therefore a key component of recommendations included adding capacity to the team, either internally or externally.


“The final report was powerful. I used it to influence decisions around resources and processes, which I couldn’t have done otherwise,” explained the CHRO. “It acted as an external endorsement with data and detailed information, to prove the recommended solutions were valid and not just opinion.”

“The report from TalenTrust provided a holistic view of all the components contributing to our talent acquisition struggles,” she added.

“We got exactly what we wanted. We received a step-by-step analysis of our processes that outlined what we were doing, and explained how it could be improved. It was based on trusted best practices and credible sources. Ultimately, the work of TalenTrust went well beyond just analysis. It was solution-oriented, with realistic and appropriate recommendations.”

She added, “Based off the report, we are making significant changes like restructuring the entire department and outsourcing some of our efforts, to further build capacity.”

The company has continued its engagement with TalenTrust for strategy and execution of some recommendations included in the Roadmap for Talent Acquisition + Retention including recruitment, employment branding, and hiring manager training. The company expects to be at or above a Level 3 for talent acquisition during 2018, with continued effort to accelerate to Level 4 during 2019.

In partnership with TalenTrust, the company has already made measurable progress in realigning its talent acquisition efforts to support its strategic plan. The oil and gas company is poised to create a workplace of strong-performing teams committed to attaining their objectives. The company is now attracting employees who are aligned with leadership’s vision, and it is focused on reducing turnover and increasing engagement. Ultimately, the company will protect its people investment.

The CHRO added, “TalenTrust has a team of very real and very experienced individuals. They are experts who did an excellent job of really listening to understand our unique needs. We’ve formed a successful partnership that will continue to evolve.”