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The GREAT RE-WORK – This is the new normal. Time to accept it.

While some organizations have found glimmers of opportunity in 2020, the majority are struggling. Around the world, everyone is asking, “How do we move forward?” Across the board, the most successful organizations have discovered the right answer: Put People First!

Talent and Culture Report Card

Your company’s ability to find and keep people is based on much more than your recruiting tactics. It’s dependent on several interrelated factors. Take this brief quiz to help identify areas of strength and opportunity within your organization’s human capital strategy.


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Learn how high-growth companies attract and retain top talent! This book is the ultimate guide to finding, growing, and keeping the best employees. 

“TalenTrust helped us grow by over 250%. TalenTrust created holistic, scalable, cost-effective solutions that made sense for us. They have a great track record of helping high growth companies.” 

Scott Davis Director of Recruiting, Mercury

Accuracy in Hiring

Accuracy In Hiring

Effective Onboarding

Effective Onboarding

Interviewing Best Practices

Interviewing Best Practices

Interview Questions

More Interview Question Examples

Cultural Alignment

Cultural Alignment


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Kathleen gives a virtual breakout to the Professional Business Women’s of California.

Rethink Recruitment

Virtual Reality is Here to Stay

Balancing Business With Compassion

Watch a brief video of Kathleen on candidate pipelines.

Watch a brief video with Kathleen on how to Solve the People Puzzle.

See audience reaction to Kathleen’s workshop.

Listen to Kathleen’s Texas Business Radio Interview.