employment branding

Cultivate an intentional culture to attract and retain top talent.

A strong, employee-positive culture delivers numerous benefits, translating into cost savings through reduced turnover and higher productivity. These benefits include higher trust and cooperation levels; fewer disagreements; more efficient decision-making; more open communication; and shared understanding. TalenTrust conducts assessments of employee engagement and perceptions of their workplace experience. We create a strategy for you to cultivate an intentional culture—one aligned with your vision for the company—so you can attract employees who fit, are energized and productive, and stay on board as your company evolves. 

Talent & Culture Report Card

Your company’s ability to find and keep people is based on much more than your recruiting tactics. It’s dependent on several interrelated factors. Take this brief quiz to help identify areas of strength and opportunity within your organization’s human capital strategy.

How TalenTrust helped Intervention Insights with their branding

Intervention Insights

“TalenTrust is expert. We’ve hired some incredible people and we never would have found them without TalenTrust. These individuals have contributed quickly and exceeded our expectations. The ultimate success of our partnership is reflected in the success of the people we have hired.”

Clynt Taylor, CEO, Intervention Insights

“We were impressed with the meticulous, methodical process and tools TalenTrust used, and the results they could demonstrate.  The talent we’ve been able to attract has helped us build a platform that we can leverage as we continue our growth.” 

Mike McCurdie CEO, SAFEbuilt

Advice on branding and culture? It's in the book.

“Your employment brand is a strategic talent management endeavor that goes well beyond recruitment and must align with your business strategy. It is a long-term effort that permeates every aspect of the employee lifecycle, including recruitment, onboarding, retention, and engagement.”

Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO, TalenTrust