roadmap for talent

Get clarity. Understand and address the root causes of your recruitment and retention challenges.

This comprehensive diagnostic report, completed in less than eight weeks, identifies blind spots and outlines the best practices to mature your talent strategy and processes. Our holistic approach helps you enhance and leverage your company culture, which supports recruiting, engagement, and retention. 

The Roadmap for Talent Acquisition + Retention details what’s working and what’s not, offers an actionable checklist and detailed priorities, and includes customized resources for your immediate use. Executed by your team or driven by TalenTrust, the roadmap helps your company recruit and retain people you need to achieve your business objectives now and in the future. The result: confidence that you are investing in the human capital initiatives that will have the greatest impact.

Talent & Culture Report Card

Your company’s ability to find and keep people is based on much more than your recruiting tactics. It’s dependent on several interrelated factors. Take this brief quiz to help identify areas of strength and opportunity within your organization’s human capital strategy.

Our roadmap gives you confidence to invest in the human capital initiatives that have the greatest impact. Research indicates that these five elements are critical to driving employee engagement: meaningful work, positive work environment, growth opportunity, trust in leadership, and hands-on management. Research also indicates that most organizations engage in reactive tactical recruiting (level 1 of talent acquisition maturity) vs. optimized talent acquisition (level 4).


“TalenTrust has the ability to source the perfect people. Their method is about understanding our culture, our goals, our mission, and finding people who align with us in all of these aspects.”

Linda Jeschofnig CEO, Hands-On Labs

How TalenTrust Enhanced Talent Acquisition

“Ultimately, the work of TalenTrust went well beyond just analysis. It was solution-oriented, with realistic and appropriate recommendations. The final report was powerful. I used it to influence decisions around resources and processes, which I couldn’t have done otherwise.”

Chief Human Resources Officer, Gas & Oil Company

TalenTrust Helps Identify and Close Gaps

“We came away with truly actionable items, and not just a bunch of fluff and stuff. It’s rewarding when you get your money’s worth, and we did. TalenTrust goes well beyond just consulting and telling you what the problems are. TalenTrust identifies where the gaps are and how to actually close them”

-Tim McAndrew, Chief Operating Officer, Business Network Consulting

Advice on talent? It's in the book.

“Stop pretending it is easy. Start being strategic. Give recruitment and retention just as much focus as your customer attraction strategy. Until you do, you will be behind the curve, and that is no good for your company, your current employees, or especially, your bottom line.”

Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO, TalenTrust