strategic recruiting

Ensure your company builds the best team, so you can realize your business objectives.

Resolve your most critical hiring issues with a proven process and effective tools. Choose from the best candidates with the right skills, experience, and cultural fit, which will increase engagement and retention while reducing turnover at your organization. 

We build you a pipeline of qualified candidates, so you’ll choose from the best people now and in the future. We will find the right people for you to hire, thanks to our proven and holistic approach that treats “recruitment as a sales process.” 

Talent & Culture Report Card

Your company’s ability to find and keep people is based on much more than your recruiting tactics. It’s dependent on several interrelated factors. Take this brief quiz to help identify areas of strength and opportunity within your organization’s human capital strategy.

Our Effective Process Drives Results

  • Guaranteed Outcome: This proven, robust process drives results – filling critical roles and assuring cultural fit  
  • Execution: Partner with a collaborative, expert team to drive this strategic process vs individual recruiters to manage tactics 
  • Measurement: We evaluate results and improve efficiency + effectiveness at each stage of this process 
  • Passive Candidate Sourcing: We use extensive sources to identify the most qualified potential hires, including those who are not actively searching 
  • Candidate Engagement: As in sales, we create 8-12 compelling touchpoints using email, text, phone, social channels, etc. 
  • Candidate Choice and Selection: Compare multiple candidates and hire with confidence, based on data vs gut 

Recruitment is a Sales Process

Ongoing Strategic Recruitment:

“Recruitment as a sales process.” The hires are guaranteed and your investment is protected. Result: we provide a slate of candidates and quality hires for all positions, plus an efficient and ongoing process. 

Project Recruiting | 1 hire:

Retained strategic recruitment for one critical hire. The hire is guaranteed and your investment is protected. Result: we provide a slate of candidates and one quality hire for a key position through an efficient process. 

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The GREAT RE-WORK – This is the new normal. Time to accept it.

While some organizations have found glimmers of opportunity in 2020, the majority are struggling. Around the world, everyone is asking, “How do we move forward?” Across the board, the most successful organizations have discovered the right answer: Put People First!

How TalenTrust helped APR with Strategic Recruiting

“In 2018, we screened 1,848 candidates, garnered 50 employee referrals, and made 67 hires. For a business of our size, those are very strong numbers. We would not have been able to duplicate those results with internal resources.”

Teresa Charles, VP Human Resources, Advertising Public Relations

How SGM Engineering solved their hiring needs

“We’ve found qualified candidates who are a good cultural fit, who we likely would not have found through standard recruiting efforts. Those hires have put is in a better position to continue serving our clients.”

Matt Webster, COO, SGM Engineering

Advice on recruiting issues? It's in the book.

“Stop pretending it is easy. Start being strategic. Give recruitment and retention just as much focus as your customer attraction strategy. Until you do, you will be behind the curve, and that is no good for your company, your current employees, or especially, your bottom line.”

Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO, TalenTrust