recruiting problems

Traditional staffing and recruiting is broken. It’s costly and ineffective. ​

“We now have access to the very best candidates through a comprehensive nationwide search. TalenTrust is well worth the investment.”

Dave Rzasa CEO, ASD

Market Forces

Talent remains the #1 business decision executives say they face. And it’s an issue that can limit your company’s growth. 

Unfilled Positions

Recruiting is a sales process that requires strategy and resources. Part of your strategy is building a pipeline of people with the right talent and culture fit.

Culture & Reputation

Your company culture is important to current and prospective employees. Culture permeates every workplace, but it’s invisible if you don’t pay attention to it.

Mis-hires & Turnover

Recruiting accounts for 30% of an organization’s HR expenses on average. And it’s even more costly with traditional “headhunters” and contingent recruiters.

Advice on recruiting issues? It's in the book.

“Most companies consistently state that their people are their most valuable assets, but often they don’t spend the time, effort, or money needed to find and keep great people—and certainly not the resources they spend acquiring customers. What we find is that companies know what they need to do, but many do not do it.”


Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO, TalenTrust