Happily and Productively Remote

Not long ago, the CFO of a fast-growing $150 million company with 80 sales reps was planning to move to a bigger, better location. I suggested that he not move everyone into the new space and, instead, arrange for some of the reps to work remotely. I was shocked by his answer: “No, because I […]

Building a killer culture for generations B to Z

If you’re thinking “enough about the five generations in the workplace” you’ll be wise to think again (and again) about how you can prepare and thrive as Gen-Y (Millennials) and Gen-Z replace retiring Baby Boomers. Ignoring differences in generational expectations and preferences is no longer an option. Strategically developing a culture and policies that embrace […]

It takes a strong head – big heart leader

    We could argue forever about whether great leaders are born or made, or about whether a benevolent dictator or laissez-faire leadership style is more likely to create success. What matters most about leaders today, though, is that they have both a strong head and a big heart. That’s what it will take to […]

Two Key Trends: Going Digital and Being Human

  Over the past few years, workplaces have been gradually trending in two seemingly opposite directions: becoming increasingly digital and, at the same time, more employee friendly. Except for the most forward-thinking among us, companies have moved tenuously in experimenting with new policies that would have at one time been considered laughable. These new trends […]

The ageless workplace: let’s rebrand retirement

by Kathleen Quinn Votaw “I’m 55-years-old … do you think they’ll hire me?” asked the candidate tenuously. “Why wouldn’t they hire you? You’ve got the credentials,” I assured him. But I knew he had a point. Many candidates and companies burden themselves with filters that cripple their mutual opportunity. Luckily, in this case an enlightened […]

Bridging the Gap

Let Generational Differences Unite, Not Divide, Your Company Culture ~ August 2016 By Kathleen Quinn Votaw   If a prospective employee with purple hair, a nose ring and tattoos shows up for a job interview, biases and filters are certain to unfold. On both sides of the table. Older interviewers commonly lose sight of the […]

Hiring Millennials: Considerations and Strategies

Here’s our first rule about dealing with the generation gap: no more stereotyping! Each generation has its own gifts and brings unique qualities to the workplace—plus, it’s always good to remember that a generation is a loosely defined group of individuals. So business leaders should keep that in mind as they model how to embrace […]

Encouraging Long-Term Career Development

As we talked about last week, our people strategy goes way beyond traditional HR and outsourced recruitment practices. Part of what makes our people strategy so unique is that, while strategic recruitment is often part of our process, we don’t just put a candidate into a position and walk away—we continue to work with the […]

Social Media Add Power to Recruiting

Social Media add Power to Recruiting ~ May, 2009 “I would rather be tied up to stakes in the Kalahari Desert , have honey poured over me and red ants eat out my eyes than open a Twitter account. Is there anything you can say to change my mind?” – Maureen Dowd , New York […]