The Wild West Of Hiring: What, Why, & How To Measure Results

Who’s the best hire? Where does the best talent come from? Who will stay the longest? Who’s thinking about leaving? An entire new industry of vendors has sprung up to answer your every question about hiring talent. Employers are spending about $20 billion a year on these new tools—most without knowing whether they work. Recruitment […]

Why you need a strategic HR

Until now, high-level strategy meetings ended with an afterthought something like “…and, oh yea, we better tell HR …” HR was traditionally seen as a cost center, relegated to administrative and transactional back-room responsibilities like finding and training employees when needed and managing employee benefits and compliance. HR expert, Dr. Christopher Lee, uses his proudly […]

A Wakeup Call to Middle Market Companies

  New National Report Outlines How to Find and Develop the Talent You Need to Grow  Talent management issues like recruiting, training, and retention top the list of challenges middle market companies continue to face. There’s work to do, so it’s time to roll up your sleeves and take control. The acute workforce challenges you […]

Don’t Trust Your Gut—Assess and Be Sure

Your people are your greatest assets, and the people you hire to create and manage all of your other assets. Thinking about it in this way, who can argue that there is anything more important to your business than who you hire? It used to be that we chose candidates based strictly on their education […]

Onboarding—A Vital Piece of the People Puzzle

Let me give you a few facts about onboarding: Unproductive employees who do not understand their jobs cost companies in the US and UK about $37 billion a year. Standard onboarding processes increase new hire productivity by 54 percent and retention by 50 percent. 35 percent of companies spend $0 on onboarding. These statistics from […]

How Haste Can Create Waste in the Hiring Process

By Kathleen Quinn Votaw  So many companies nod knowingly about the importance of values-based hiring, while their actions speak differently. Employers screen for several traits relating to competency and skill, but often overlook those two attributes of greatest importance − character and integrity. Harking back to children’s literature for simple life lessons reminds us of […]

You’re not still asking those weird interview questions (are you?)

by Kathleen Quinn Votaw Because Google started asking quirky interview questions a few years ago, so did just about everyone else. Google soon realized that the answers to questions like, “How many golf balls can you fit in an airplane?” are a waste of time, serving only to make the hiring manager feel smart and […]

Overcoming Low Engagement: An Essential Step to Business Growth

A staggering 87 percent of employees worldwide are not engaged at work. What does this mean for your business, and what can you do to overcome low engagement? Why Does Engagement Matter? Many business owners and people in the C-suite dismiss engagement as a trendy buzzword, but it is really a very valuable concept for […]

Welcoming and engaging new hires

After you hire great people, do you ensure they get a great start? By Kathleen Quinn Votaw Onboarding isn’t just an explanation of employee benefits, a desk and a computer password. At least it shouldn’t be. Far too often, companies use up valuable resources to find the right candidates and then ignore them after they’re […]