Have you ever experienced that moment when you feel like the stars align and you just know you’re exactly where you should be? That’s how I felt when I interviewed at TalenTrust. Everyone that I met throughout the interview process was so kind and down-to-earth. I felt like I found “my people”. The people I can be myself around. The people I enjoy interacting with every day. The people I consider my “work family”. One thing that I love about working at TalenTrust is that I don’t have to choose between being successful and being a parent - I can be both!

Working at Talentrust has been an amazing adventure for me. We are not your typical “recruitment agency”… We’re better! Every interaction is meaningful. It’s like being a personalized matchmaker for employment (ha-ha).  As a recruiter, I want to spend as much time as I can interacting with my candidates and clients so I can get to know them professionally and culturally - at Talentrust, we are encouraged to build and maintain those precious relationships.

There is no better feeling than a candidate getting hired with one of my clients. It’s an impactful life-changing moment that I get to share in. It doesn’t get much better than that! I’d say TalenTrust puts the heart and humanity back into recruitment and I’m so humbled that I get to be a part of this team. At the end of the day, I can go to bed feeling accomplished and knowing that what I do day-in and day-out is meaningful.

When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking (I am a true foodie) and watching the Food Network. I am an HGTV junkie and love home renovations. You can often find me renovating something in my home. Most of all I love spending time with my family. We enjoy pizza movie nights, going to the zoo or aquariums, and getting outdoors to enjoy nature and some fresh air (which is sometimes my excuse just so I can get out of the house and stop at an amazing local food truck to eat some awesome tacos!).

“The first step that leads to our identity in life is usually not, “I know who I am”, but rather “I know who I am not”. Process of elimination. Defining ourselves by what we “are not” is the first step that leads us to really knowing, who we are”

— Matthew McConaughey