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Fix the Talent Gap and Seize Possibility

Manufacturing succeeds on the skills of its workers. Industry activity is hitting new highs, but the growing talent gap continues to limit growth opportunities for individual companies, the industry, and our economy. Misperceptions and unwarranted fears about manufacturing fuel the problem: automation is replacing people, mass layoffs abound; factories are unsafe and unpleasant; there’s no security or future in it. You know and we know the truth: Manufacturing is no different than every other industry in trying to adapt to the challenges of constant change—and it also offers a world of possibility, opportunity, and generous pay with new career paths in technology, renewable energy, automation, machining, and the list goes on. Our vision is helping you get that truth out into the market to find and keep the talent you need to grow.

TalenTrust provides a turnkey recruiting solution that’s the perfect model for fixing the talent gap. Finding people with the right skills, attitude, and cultural fit is a process much like sales. For more than 18 years, we have been a trusted partner to manufacturers, providing our expertise in a unique process focused on cost, speed, and fit. Our recruitment model is different from what you may have experienced in the past and we apply it directly to the issues you currently face. As a third-party expert, TalenTrust will provide you with an unbiased, holistic report of your current state, plus strategic recommendations to help meet future goals through investment in the right people and a Put- People-First culture.

Recruitment Is a Sales Process

Your Partner for Results

Process Chart
Process Chart

Based on our focus on manufacturing and proven process, we’ll help you develop strategies that reflect the specific interests and concerns of manufacturing industry talent. For example:

Develop a pipeline of qualified candidates so you have a broad choice of “right” people for critical roles whenever the need arises.

Develop and implement short- and long-term candidate engagement and marketing strategies that help you attract new and diverse talent to make your factory reflect your community at large.

Use assessment data to ensure you hire people who fit your culture and are interested in and capable of getting trained for a new career in manufacturing.

Help you build a winning workplace culture, working toward becoming a “best” employer.

Establish a people-first mindset and incorporate things like flexibility, inclusion, and opportunity into your culture to maintain your competitive position in the talent market for both recruitment and retention.

Incorporate cutting-edge technologies in your recruiting practices and in your culture to attract younger generations.

Create a compelling employee value proposition that encourages workers to imagine a future with your organization.

What Are Others Doing?

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