Assessment for Fit and Performance

Tackle Your Effective Hiring Struggles

There are assessments available for every aspect of hiring and understanding your workplace community, including selection, development, coaching, team effectiveness, and succession planning. Using them as part of your company’s toolkit enables recruiters to test for candidates' knowledge, personality traits, and skills. Download "Assessment for Fit and Performance Research & Solutions" now to learn more. 

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The Problem

With only 32% of responding business leaders rating their use of assessments effective, and 68% of them rating it insufficient or failing, the majority of companies are missing this critical component of their overall candidate selection strategy.

Talent and Community Struggles and Strategies

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Revolutionary upheaval and change hardly begin to describe what our workplaces have been through over the past few years. Through over 2,000 conversations and surveys of middle market executives, TalenTrust has researched the ongoing struggles related to talent and workplace community, and strategies to recover from them. In our 2023 Solutions eBook, we provide essential data and peer-level insights to help meet the challenges most negatively impacting businesses today. Download our 2023 solutions eBook to read more about the areas of struggle your business is facing and strategies to overcome them.