Onboarding Effectiveness

Tackle Your Onboarding Struggles

Strong recruiting should be followed by strong onboarding that welcomes new employees and gets them off to a productive start. The process begins immediately after your offer has been accepted by the candidate, which is usually well before the first day on the job. Download "Onboarding Effectiveness Research & Solutions" now to learn more. 

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The Problem

Just 25% of our representative sample of business owners and CEOs believe their onboarding process is effective. This means that 75% of them likely have higher-than-necessary turnover as a result of poor onboarding. If they are even able to keep their new hires, those who are not appropriately onboarded will certainly take longer to become productive.

Talent and Community Struggles and Strategies

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Revolutionary upheaval and change hardly begin to describe what our workplaces have been through over the past few years. Through over 2,000 conversations and surveys of middle market executives, TalenTrust has researched the ongoing struggles related to talent and workplace community, and strategies to recover from them. In our 2023 Solutions eBook, we provide essential data and peer-level insights to help meet the challenges most negatively impacting businesses today. Download our 2023 solutions eBook to read more about the areas of struggle your business is facing and strategies to overcome them.