Tackle Your Strategic Recruiting Struggles

Strategic recruitment means you must be continuously innovating your recruiting best practices. It’s a sales process that requires you to go broad and deep, incorporating best practices in everything from defining and promoting your brand to effectively welcoming and onboarding new hires. Inefficiencies or failings at any step along the way can prevent you from winning the talent you need.

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The Problem

Hiring and retaining people with the right fit with your community is the most critical factor in achieving your goals and reaching your company’s full potential. And yet, just 16% of surveyed executives tell us they can attract and retain the right talent to grow their business in a timely manner. And if they do find the right people, executives say it takes longer and costs more than it should.

Why are 84% of companies not successful in this most crucial function?

Talent & Community Struggles and Strategies

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Revolutionary upheaval and change hardly begin to describe what our workplaces have been through over the past few years. Through over 2,000 conversations and surveys of middle market executives, TalenTrust has researched the ongoing struggles related to talent and workplace community, and strategies to recover from them. In our 2023 Solutions eBook, we provide essential data and peer-level insights to help meet the challenges most negatively impacting businesses today. Download our 2023 solutions eBook to read more about the areas of struggle your business is facing and strategies to overcome them.