assessments for fit & performance

Hire and promote based on data vs. gut.

Take the guesswork out of hiring and talent planning with predictive  assessments that are valid, accurate, and reliable. Use data to ensure the right people are in the right roles. Understand abilities, motivations, interests, and personality to predict an individual’s future behavior. 

This insight can be used to evaluate your current team and for succession planning. It can also be used to help determine if top candidates are the best fit. 

Talent & Culture Report Card

Your company’s ability to find and keep people is based on much more than your recruiting tactics. It’s dependent on several interrelated factors. Take this brief quiz to help identify areas of strength and opportunity within your organization’s human capital strategy.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-employment assessments add insight into candidates’ suitability for a specific position, regardless of their academic achievements, technical skills or experience. Based on your pre-determined criteria, they can help you sift through stacks of applicants and reduce the number who move on to the next step in your hiring process to only those who match your culture and values. According to the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), 68 percent of organizations are using pre-employment assessments.

There are countless reasons why, including the fact that we are experiencing both a skill shortage and a shift in power from employer to employee. This means that there is a smaller pool of talent and more competition to win the best. Additionally, we’ve heard for years that the costs of attracting and retaining good people can be devastatingly high. With the more competitive talent market, it will only increase the costs and importance of maintaining a strong employment brand and an engaging culture to protect the investment you make in your people.

New Offering!


Not all people will be successful in a remote or hybrid work environment. How are you planning to make these decisions for your business?

We are thrilled to introduce our partner, Smart Work Assessments. We are excited to introduce you to their extraordinary new offering, WorkingRemotelyPOP™.
This assessment tool is designed to predict, with up to 99.5% statistical probability, the core traits of employees who are best suited for remote work. 

Stop guessing if your staff and new hires will be successful working in a non-traditional environment and get the data you need to make decisions now!

Advice on assessments and evaluations? It's in the book.

“Companies must be eager to understand what motivates their people as well as their customers in order to understand what questions they need to ask. They must then align those questions with the candidates they are trying to bring into their company.“

Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO, TalenTrust

“It was a good business decision to use TalenTrust as an outsourced partner.”

Erik Isernhagen CEO, LINX Multimedia