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Although it’s true in every organization that your most important assets are your people, healthcare roles require employees with the right balance of education, experience, and altruism to fulfill your mission. This means you have a narrower field of candidates who are often more difficult to recruit—and to retain when shortages lead to burnout. TalenTrust provides a turnkey recruiting solution across healthcare organizations for non-clinical professional, managerial, and leadership positions. It’s the perfect model for growth, enabling you to invest in your people with simplicity and scalability at a predictable, reasonable cost.

Our recruitment model is different from what you may have experienced in the past. TalenTrust offers a subscription-based investment schedule and a process that delivers the best qualified people for your positions and strong retention results. Finding people with the right skills, attitude, and cultural fit is a process much like sales. For more than18 years, TalenTrust has provided our expertise in a unique process focused on cost, speed, and fit. We are a trusted partner to healthcare companies, allowing you to turn recruiting over to us and know that it will be done right.

Politics and reform, data analytics and architecture, mergers, transparency, technology … These factors, and much more, are contributing to a better healthcare future for all of us. More than anything else, your financial success depends on developing a “people first” discipline and strategic approach to recruiting. Everywhere you look today you see supply scarcity and high costs that make it hard to fulfill your mission. We can make your reality different when it comes to recruitment.

Recruitment Is a Sales Process

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Based on our focus on healthcare companies and proven process, we’ll help you develop strategies that reflect the specific interests and concerns of healthcare industry talent. For example:

Develop a pipeline of qualified candidates so you have a broad choice of “right” people for critical roles whenever the need arises.

Develop and implement short- and long-term candidate engagement and marketing strategies to address current and future hiring needs.

Use assessment data to ensure you hire people who live and further your mission.

Bring a high level of soft skills to recruitment reflecting the mission-driven, sensitive nature of your work.

Offer proven tools and ideas to help you care for your people in a special way—and retain them.

Establish a people-first mindset and incorporate things like flexibility, inclusion, and opportunity into your culture to maintain your competitive position in the talent market for both recruitment and retention.

Incorporate cutting-edge technologies in your recruiting practices and in your culture to attract younger generations.

What Are Others Doing?

There’s never been a better way to learn than hearing stories. Read a few favorite recruitment success stories from our healthcare clients.

SGM Engineering

The Challenge Since 1986, success at SGM has been built upon three key tenets: building deep and strong client relationships, understanding each client’s uniqueness, and assembling the best talent for the team....

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Trapelo Health

Success Trapelo Health is on a mission to give patients the best chance at beating cancer through precision medicine, which means putting patients first. Headquartered in Waltham, MA, the mid-sized company launched the first single-technology platform to......

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Success Believing “we are all in this together,” HealthTeamWorks brings best practices, tools, and conversations to its clients so they can rapidly respond to change. Their mission is to enable healthcare clients to achieve measurable quality, performance,......

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Healthcare Recruitment Resources

It’s Not Empathy vs. Accountability: for Great Leaders It’s Both

It’s Not Empathy vs. Accountability: for Great Leaders It’s Both

I empathize with leaders who can’t quite adjust to the evolutionary change making today’s workplaces unrecognizable from what they used to be. Never before have leaders had to face so much uncertainty and challenge, or opportunity and possibility. And all......

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"Post," yes. "Pray," not for talent.

Talent sourcing at a time when jobs way outnumber candidates is the first critical step in a rigorous, strategic recruitment process. It may begin with writing and posting a job description but praying that your ideal candidate sees your ad won’t help you......

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Recruitment is a Sales Process Step #1: Finding Quality Candidates

Recruitment is a Sales Process Step #1: Finding Quality Candidates

Recruitment is a priority equal to all your other top business priorities. Like them, it requires a strategy. For years, we’ve advised companies that they should think of recruitment as a sales process. For most leaders, that takes a different mindset. In......

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