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Believing “we are all in this together,” HealthTeamWorks brings best practices, tools, and conversations to its clients so they can rapidly respond to change. Their mission is to enable healthcare clients to achieve measurable quality, performance, and financial improvements through trusted client collaboration, informed guidance, and a shared commitment to achieve improved patient care and experience, provider vitality, lower costs, and healthier communities. A well-respected leader in practice transformation, HealthTeamWorks has guided more than 5,000 practices to achieve higher quality care and financial sustainability on their volume-to-value-journey.

The leadership at HealthTeamWorks recognized their need for growth to continue serving their clients. Bert Miuccio, former CEO of HealthTeamWorks explains, “I was confident that we were about to go through a growth phase and knew that TalenTrust was going to help me help myself by making the recruitment process better and more successful. I liked knowing I could turn to them for everything recruiting, at a fixed cost that I could afford.”

The Problem

HealthTeamWorks offers services that are complex and difficult to sell in a way people can understand. Additionally, based on the mission-driven, sensitive nature of their work, team members must bring a high level of soft skills, in addition to experience in coaching and ushering clients from one healthcare model to another. For these reasons, recruiting had historically been a challenge for HealthTeamWorks and the growth plans would require a scalable solution quickly.


HealthTeamWorks found that TalenTrust took only a fraction of the time that previous recruiters had spent in collecting the information they needed to do the work, greatly reducing staff time and involvement, and delivered back a superb recruitment product along with many value-adds.

  • Successful filling of current positions with top people
  • Achieved a cash-flow friendly investment structure with fixed, predictable costs 
  • Compensation studies ensuring all new employees are paid fairly and competitively 
  • Adjustment of current employee salaries based on market comparisons 
  • Better understanding of people and the true workplace culture
  • Successful transformation of many aspects of the culture
  • Increased retention 
  • Better competitive market position
  • Ability to hire needed people during growth times as well as challenging retrenchments

How TalenTrust Helped

The holistic approach that treats recruitment as a sales process, building a pipeline of qualified candidates for now and in the future. CEO Bert Miuccio had access to the very narrow field of candidates that would match the HealthTeamWorks culture. The process included everything from employment brand and lead generation to candidate engagement, screening and assessments, interviews, selection and offers. The unique, subscription-based investment model provided the perfect scalable solution at an affordable and fixed cost that fit HealthTeamWorks needs well. Their investment was protected through TalenTrust’s unprecedented 12-month guarantee.

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