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Construction Recruiting Requires a Strategic Approach

Over the years, construction has suffered more from the ups and downs of the economy than many other industries—most recently, barely recovered from setbacks of the Great Recession when the pandemic hit. Currently, there’s a significant shortage of affordable, skilled workers at nearly every level, made worse with retiring Baby Boomers. This tightening of the already tight talent market means developing innovative, strategic recruitment approaches. This has never been more critical than now.

Not every construction company can be a Bechtel, which is on nearly every list of the best companies in the industry. Bechtel can recruit based on a worldwide reputation for opportunity, growth, and exciting projects with purpose. If that’s not you, let us tell you about the many effective ways that all construction companies can successfully compete for the best people.

Recruitment Is a Sales Process

Your Partner for Results

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Based on our proven process, we’ll help you develop strategies that reflect the specific interests and concerns of construction industry talent. For example:

Developing a pipeline of qualified candidates so you have a choice of “right” people for every role before your new projects start.

Prioritizing safety and communicating your concern for employee health and wellbeing in an industry where workplace hazards can be a normal part of the job.

Establishing a people-first mindset and incorporating things like flexibility, inclusion, and opportunity into your culture where possible, replacing the norm of long hours and harsh conditions.

Incorporate cutting-edge technologies in your recruiting practices and in your culture to attract younger generations.

What Are Others Doing?

There’s never been a better way to learn than hearing stories. Read a few favorite recruitment success stories from our construction clients.

SGM Engineering

The Challenge Since 1986, success at SGM has been built upon three key tenets: building deep and strong client relationships, understanding each client’s uniqueness, and assembling the best talent for the team....

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Trapelo Health

Success Trapelo Health is on a mission to give patients the best chance at beating cancer through precision medicine, which means putting patients first. Headquartered in Waltham, MA, the mid-sized company launched the first single-technology platform to......

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Success Believing “we are all in this together,” HealthTeamWorks brings best practices, tools, and conversations to its clients so they can rapidly respond to change. Their mission is to enable healthcare clients to achieve measurable quality, performance,......

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Construction Recruitment Resources

It’s Not Empathy vs. Accountability: for Great Leaders It’s Both

It’s Not Empathy vs. Accountability: for Great Leaders It’s Both

I empathize with leaders who can’t quite adjust to the evolutionary change making today’s workplaces unrecognizable from what they used to be. Never before have leaders had to face so much uncertainty and challenge, or opportunity and possibility. And all......

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Two Golden Rules to Thrive

Two Golden Rules to Thrive

Most businesses are founded on a new or better idea along with a hope and a prayer. Of course, we expect challenges along the way but not in the form of a pandemic followed by a war and unprecedented inflation. It seems like everyone is waiting for something......

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"Post," yes. "Pray," not for talent.

Talent sourcing at a time when jobs way outnumber candidates is the first critical step in a rigorous, strategic recruitment process. It may begin with writing and posting a job description but praying that your ideal candidate sees your ad won’t help you......

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