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Audit, Analyze, and Optimize

Our consulting and retention services offer your business the opportunity to audit your processes related to talent acquisition, employee experience, and company culture for an unbiased, constructive, and positive path forward.

We provide expert analysis of the information gathered and identify gaps and areas of improvement within your organization. Our recommendations, when implemented, will improve your organization's processes to more effectively retain and recruit top talent.


Talent Acquisition & Culture Audit

TalenTrust's TA Audit takes a deep dive into your talent acquisition, retention, and culture processes. This information is gathered via in-depth anonymous stakeholder interviews; our experts analyzing your company data relevant to talent acquisition; and gaining a strong pulse on the current state and future goals of your business.

Once gaps and challenges are identified, TalenTrust spends time compiling expert recommendations addressing the areas of opportunity within your business' processes. TalenTrust provides ongoing availability for check-ins on progress and expert assistance in alignment with the delivered recommendations.


Employee Engagement Surveys

TalenTrust administers a quarterly engagement survey to gain a live pulse on the way your employees are experiencing your company’s culture. TalenTrust utilizes a variety of tools, including Gallup to NPS, in order to properly survey your employees and get a true anonymous baseline of the current culture – as perceived by your people.  

Our analysis and expert recommendations following the quarterly survey address your employee’s concerns, as well as recommend ways in which you can implement continuous positive change, ensuring your company culture becomes a Camelot Community.

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Pre-employment Assessments

Your people are your greatest assets, and the people you hire create and manage all of your other assets. Thinking about it in this way, who can argue that there is anything more important to your business than who you hire? Hiring decisions and talent planning should be based on predictive assessments that give you valid, accurate, and reliable data—not on guesswork.

Assessments help you understand people’s abilities, motivations, interests, and personality, enabling you to predict an individual’s future behavior. This insight can help you determine if top candidates are the best fit as well as evaluate your current team for succession planning.

Whatever combination of assessments you use, be sure that you create a positive experience for your candidates. Assessments should be well-designed; instructions should be clear; candidates’ time and effort should be acknowledged and appreciated.


Limeade Listening®

If you aren’t sure of the future, neither are your employees. Personal conversations are the ultimate communication tool; Limeade Listening streamlines your internal communication.

WorkingRemotelyPOP, combined with the additional insight of Limeade Listening, helps deepen your understanding, measure the health of your culture, and take more targeted action based on concise data. The results? Improved recruiting and increased retention.



Not all people will be successful in a remote or hybrid work environment. Through our partner, Smart Work Assessments, TalenTrust offers an extraordinary tool, WorkingRemotelyPOP, designed to predict, with up to 99.5% statistical probability, the core traits of employees who are best suited for remote work.

It’s a struggle to know how to make smart decisions when you don’t know what the future looks like. Making the right decision means getting the right tools and tactical plans in place now. WorkingRemotelyPOP allows you to assess your team’s skills so you understand who is best suited for non-traditional work environments (like home) and who is not—and then take meaningful action.

Candidate Assessment Resources

Leading to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Leading to Attract and Retain Top Talent

So, you’ve found the right person for a critical role in your business: the skills and experience you need, solid character and values, fun personality, and cultural fit. You know this person is interviewing with other companies … what’s the one thing you can......

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