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Trapelo Health


Trapelo Health is on a mission to give patients the best chance at beating cancer through precision medicine, which means putting patients first. Headquartered in Waltham, MA, the mid-sized company launched the first single-technology platform to address the challenges resulting from rapid changes in science, technology, and the business of next-generation cancer care. 

TalenTrust was selected as a strategic recruiting partner with Trapelo and the partnership has become an ideal solution. “For a reasonable monthly investment, they literally became our recruiting department, helping us clarify how we describe our culture and define the roles we needed to fill.”

The Problem

The Trapelo platform is proving to be very successful as oncologists use it in numerous locations. Extraordinary results are being measured, including high levels of compliance with quality, precision medicine pathways. Trapelo Health is growing because of their success, but the critical and precise nature of the work, along with the importance of the mission, makes finding the right people essential and more difficult. Russ Ingersoll, the company’s Chief Product Officer, explains, “We needed good talent at the middle management level and didn’t have the dedicated internal resources to develop and vet a pipeline of candidates.” CEO Clynt Taylor adds, “I had ruled out using traditional recruiting firms. Many recruiting websites promise to bring you the right candidates, but that still required someone on our team to manage the process, write the job descriptions, sift through the resumes, narrow the list, set up interviews, and make decisions. We didn’t have people in-house with the bandwidth to manage that additional work, and I didn’t want to pay the huge commissions for every hire.” 


In the words of the Trapelo Health team:

  • Since engaging TalenTrust, they’ve helped us recruit for many positions – all great hires that not only are great performers, but are all a perfect fit for our culture, which is a huge priority for us.
  • Telling your story in a compelling way, articulating the value of working for your company, is so important in attracting top talent. As busy executives focused on the daily challenges of growing a healthcare technology company, we are not the experts at getting these people on board. TalenTrust is the expert.
  • This partnership is very cost-effective, allowing us to invest more in our people after they are hired.

How TalenTrust Helped

  • Investment Structure: Mario Wanderley, Trapelo’s CFO, recommends TalenTrust because the investment structure and business model makes sense. “Paying a fixed monthly fee for the partnership and results is very economical, …and we get more objective advice on the candidates and the compensation to offer. When a traditional recruiter gets a fee that’s based on the hire’s annual salary, there can be a significant conflict of interest.” 
  • Business Model: CEO Clynt Taylor remarked, “Now that we’ve seen it work, it seems so obvious that recruitment should be ongoing and strategic. I believe the TalenTrust business model is the way of the future for recruiting. Because they work with us on regular, consistent basis, they get to know us as well as we know ourselves. This makes them an invaluable resource for us. Competing for good talent is as much an art as a science.”
  • Quality Candidates: Russ Ingersoll, CPO said, “We’ve hired some incredible people and we never would have found them without TalenTrust. These individuals have contributed quickly and exceeded our expectations. The ultimate success of our partnership is reflected in the success of the people we have hired.” 
  • TalenTrust Team: “There’s a real connection between our team and the TalenTrust team. The TalenTrust team is personable, professional, dedicated and has very high standards.” 
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