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Top 3 Talent & Culture Struggles and Strategies to Overcome Them

Throughout the past two years, TalenTrust has surveyed over 2,000 executives of middle-market companies on their talent and culture strategies. Through these surveys we have identified the top three biggest struggles faced by businesses today. In our upcoming 2023 Solutions eBook, we will dive into this research and provide actionable solutions and peer-level insights on how to combat these issues in your business.

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Here's a sneak peak of the top 3 talent and culture struggles middle-market companies are facing today:

Strategic Recruiting

Only 16% of executives tell us they can attract and retain the right talent to grow their business in a timely manner. And if they do find the right people, executives say it takes longer and costs more than it should.

How can you tackle this?

Strategic Recruiting: Engage consistently and thoughtfully with prospective candidates in the pool to begin creating a relationship (On average, it takes at least 8 touches before a meaningful conversation is had.)

Leadership Development

78% of executives surveyed said that they are insufficient or failing in areas of leadership development, and 4% of companies also reported that their managers feel threatened by other talented individuals and will avoid hiring/promoting them

How can you tackle this?

Leadership Development: Help your leaders manage change and facilitate open conversations around growth goals for the company and individuals. And don't forget about the soft skills - encourage leaders to practice empathy, transparency, and accountability.

Systems for Efficiency

Only 21% of executives have the right technology and processes in place to help effectively manage their recruiting, onboarding, and engagement processes.


Systems for Efficiency: Investing in the right Applicant Tracking System (and other technologies) for your business will help to automate workflows and organize recruiting efforts. Companies that have mature talent systems in place see a decrease in nearly 30% of their HR professional's time spent on transactional work.

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