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Shorten Your Hiring Timeline

According to the Department of Labor's most recent jobs report, there are 9.6 million job openings but only 5.8 million people looking for work. Hiring efficiency is crucial if employers are to find top talent for important roles.

Forbes reports that it takes an average of 11 weeks for companies to fill white collar positions. This shows that even in this job market, the hiring process needs improvement. Follow these five tips to shorten your hiring timeline.

5 Steps to a Shorter Hiring Timeline

  1. Build a pipeline of candidates
    Don't wait for an opening to arise before you start the first steps of the hiring process. Seek out people with the right skills and align with your company's culture and values. Reach out to them and nurture them via email, text, InMail and other means to get their attention and start them thinking about accepting a position at your company.
  2. Use technology to streamline your hiring process 
    An applicant tracking system, or ATS, can automatically surface the most promising resumes and grade them according to how compatible the candidate is likely to be with the role being applied for. It also serves a as a database of candidates, so if you have a new opening, you'll already have a list of people who have shown serious interest in working for you in the past.
  3. Don't limit yourself to job postings and applications 

    Only 30% of the workforce is actively seeking new employment, but many more are amenable to the idea of switching jobs if they get the right offer. Find creative ways to reach the people who won't seek out a job posting. One tried and true method is to approach people working for your competitors and convince them to hop over to your company.

  4. Use effective interviewing techniques 
    In jobs, past performance is a powerful indicator of future results. Ask questions that focus on the candidate's performance when they last dealt with tasks like the ones you will require. This is known as "behavioral interviewing," and you can learn more about how to use these techniques with this free resource.

  5. Deliver a stellar experience for candidates 

    Candidates know that in this job market, they don't have to settle for substandard treatment. Show them that you care about them and respect their time. Provide enough information about the role and company they are applying for before and during the interview. After the interview, don't leave them hanging. Give timely follow-ups about where they stand and their place within the hiring process.

As you seek new employees, you will likely find that many of the best candidates will not approach you through the traditional application and resume path. Instead, you will have to actively seek out top talent. This does not mean to avoid placing job postings, but that you need to open other channels, as well. Reach out to individuals whom you believe would be a perfect match for your company and persuade them to consider applying, regardless of their current employment status.

When you do get sufficient applications, use an applicant tracking system to sort through the resumes and rank them. Keep the database that the software makes – it will give you a list of people who will likely be interested in your next job openings.

Finally, be sure to make a good impression on candidates. In this job market, candidates can afford to pick and choose.

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