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Define Company Culture Based on Employee and Customer Experience

Traditional recruiters have a two-step process: 1) find a candidate and 2) put them in a job. At TalenTrust, we build a long-term relationship with your company. We help you define company culture, create a hiring process customized to your culture, and then continue to follow up with both you and your new hire to ensure that both parties are satisfied and engaged. Not surprisingly, our candidates are MUCH more likely to meet or exceed expectations in their new role.

"Culture Isn't Created in the Boardroom"

As we discussed last week, it is absolutely crucial to hire employees who fit with your company culture. But we also noted that many companies have a difficult time articulating that culture, so we work with them to define company culture and their values and priorities in order to achieve excellent hiring results.


Determining what your company culture is means really delving into the reality on the ground. As Kathleen observes in the COIN Report, “Culture isn’t created in a boardroom; it’s how the customers and employees experience your company.” Last week we shared some questions you might first want to ask about how your company is set up to engage employees—things like how offices are allocated, the tone of communications, and what is rewarded/celebrated. But to get a real sense of how customers and employees experience your company, you will have to go out and actually ask them questions. This can be tough to do (especially if you get some negative feedback), but TalenTrust is always standing by to guide you through the process.


Assessing How Employees Define Company Culture

Some of the questions we want you to ask your employees include:

  • What would you tell a friend about this organization if he or she was about to start working here?
  • What is the one thing you would most like to change about this organization?
  • Who is a hero around here? Why?
  • What kinds of people fail here? Why?
  • What is most rewarding about your experience here?
  • What is your favorite characteristic that is present in this company?


We can also work with you to design surveys and other methods to analyze employee or customer experience, and further define company culture.


Once you have completed the questioning process outlined last week and above, you can begin to analyze how to use this to enhance the employee experience and then to leverage their positive feedback to use in recruitment efforts. TalenTrust's proven and unique process helps you take your company culture assessment and translate into real results, i.e., the kind of talent that will take your company to the next level.

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