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Engage: More Than a Buzzword

How often do we encounter the term “engage” in our work circles? Its use has become so ubiquitous that many C-suite executives have dismissed it as fad.

We can engage in conversation and engage someone for hire, but in prosperous business environments the definition far transcends bringing a new employee on board and assigning tasks.

To be engaged in the workplace means you enjoy your job, and understand your purpose as it relates to your employer’s overall mission. Not unlike entering a marriage proposal, engaged bosses and employees commit to working alongside one another to achieve common goals. And only when a good match is met should they say “I do.”

Business leaders who study and embrace engagement tactics are also the ones who keep good people – A-players who bring enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirt.

In fact, Gallup research shows that nearly 90 percent of employees worldwide are not captivated by their jobs, and that those companies that have cracked the engagement code outperform by staggering percentages in earnings, not to mention non-monetary indicators such as less turnover and habitual absence.

The bottom line is, a symbiotic work environment drives success.

Tips for effective engagement:

  • Build trust by valuing those who report to you.
  • Survey your team members regularly for confidential, honest feedback.
  • Host focus groups to learn more about people’s motivations and concerns.
  • Take action to address concerns or suggestions, and measure the results.
  • Invest in your people through training and personal development.
  • Build confidence by providing tools along with the freedom to succeed.
  • Demonstrate your willingness to get in the trenches.
  • Inspire loyalty by expressing interest in employees’ lives outside of the office.

Effective engagement begins first with seeking talent that complements your organization’s culture. Once hired, remember that how you make them feel can unlock potential and reap both life- and game-changing returns.

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