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External vs. Internal Hiring: Are Your Best Options in Front of You?

Approximately 9.6 million jobs are available throughout the United States but only 5.7 million people are jobseekers. If you have openings for various positions in your organization, your best candidates may be your current employees who want to move up. It is time to look at the people already employed in your company and give them an opportunity to apply for open positions that may advance their careers.

The positions may be vacancies or new jobs created as the company experiences growth. Hiring from within has many advantages.

Benefits of Internal Hiring

Internal hiring is often more cost-effective and it saves time. But there are many other benefits that help both managers and employees.

  • People working within the company are already familiar with company culture and procedures.
  • They may be familiar with computers, sales reports, manufacturing, and products.
  • Onboarding and training may take less time.
  • Employees promoted from within a company are very likely to be extremely loyal.
  • Hiring from within shows that everyone has growth potential which is good for company morale.

Informing Employees of Job Openings

One of the best ways to fill a vacant position from within the company is through an online newsletter, announcement, bulletin board, or blog. Of course, there will always be word-of-mouth. The actual posting for the open job should be detailed and customized to attract interested employees.

Since this announcement is for current employees, it can stress the desire to promote people who are already part of the company instead of bringing in someone from outside. It can list the requirements for the position, along with other people involved in the decision-making process, including department or team managers. It should encourage people to apply if they have the required skills.

The posting should also detail the hiring procedure. This includes where and how to apply. The application process may involve the Human Resources department, or the applicants may apply directly to a manger. Applicants should be informed of a deadline and how the interview process will proceed.

Candidates should be carefully screened and the most qualified interviewed. Management should explain that while several people may have applied, they have decided to interview the applicants with the most qualifications and related experience. This may include people who have taken special classes designed to help them move up in a specialized field such as accounting or inventory management.

The Interview Process

Human Resources people may conduct the interview along with a department manager or team leader. The interview must be fair and objective. The decision should be based on hiring the person who will fit in best in the new position. In some job openings, an outside recruitment consultant may be asked to participate as an interviewer. This person should have no personal knowledge of the candidates for the job.

Each candidate's work experience, education, and any referral within the company should be taken into consideration. Most applicants would welcome support from their managers.

Positive Feedback to Candidates Who Were Not Selected

All applicants for the open position should be thanked for their interest in the posted job. They should be encouraged to apply for other openings that may come up. In some cases, the people in Human Resources may know of another position that would be available soon for a qualified individual and encourage this person to apply. In other cases, they may add that the company is expanding and there will be a place for them in the future. Employees should also be encouraged to continue their education in classes and other programs supported by the company.

The best plan for any company is an open recruitment policy that includes current employees along with outside applicants. Company management may look to professional recruiters who have lists of highly qualified individuals in many fields. This is necessary as technology expands. Contact us at TalenTrust for consulting services, strategic recruiting, and staffing.


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