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Solve the People Puzzle: How High Growth Companies Attract and Retain Top Talent

Solve the People Puzzle, written by TalenTrust CEO Kathleen Quinn Votaw, will be available for purchase on Amazon February 4th, 2016 - less than a month away now! - and we know that it will be an invaluable resource to C-level executives of high-growth companies. The book features compelling research, specific personal and client stories, and key perspectives from top business leaders and experts—all in a format that’s easy to read and prompts readers to act. It’s an executive’s guide to finding, keeping, and growing the best.

Kathleen, the youngest of five children, was inspired to work hard and innovate from a young age. Her father, an Irish immigrant, came to America with a sixth-grade education and $20 in his pocket. But finding a position as a printing apprentice at Traveler's Insurance, he eventually worked his way up to head of the printing department. After seeing his work ethic and dedication, Kathleen threw her all into her college job at Kelly Services staffing agency. She found a passion for helping companies achieve their growth objectives by getting the right people on board, Kathleen has been in the recruitment industry ever since.

She founded TalenTrust in 2003 with the explicit goal of shaking up and reenergizing the stagnant and outdated recruiting industry. In her book, Kathleen's personal story of growth and professional development frames her recommendations for executives wishing to attract and retain the very best talent - the talent that will help propel them towards their wildest growth goals and beyond. The principle behind Solve the People Puzzle, and behind the TalenTrust vision, is that recruitment is much more like a sales process than a tactical or administrative business practice. Framing the process in this way helps to reconcile the expectations of the people charged with hiring new employees with the realities of the recruitment process.

This insight comes not just from many years in the traditional recruitment industry and experience executing a new approach with TalenTrust's client companies, but from building TalenTrust itself into a high-growth company; we are proud to join many of our clients on the Inc. 5000 list, following our three-year revenue growth of 300%). Kathleen has learned first-hand that employees of high-growth companies need to be inventive and flexible - and that companies need to be able to define their goals and values clearly in order to recruit employees who share them.

While we'll be sharing Kathleen's insights from the book throughout the year, we recommend that you read the full book soon and make 2016 the year you solve your people puzzle. Please mark your calendar for February 4th and buy the book on Amazon.

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