Countdown to Book Launch and Four Reasons to Buy the Book

We are only a week away from publication day for CEO Kathleen Quinn Votaw’s Solve the People Puzzle, and we can hardly contain our excitement. Mark your calendars for February 4th at NOON MST. Our goal is to have everyone purchase the book at the same time in order to hit #1 Bestseller status on Amazon. We’ll send additional details the day of the book launch (and let you know about a thank you gift you can claim if you buy the book on launch day).

Four Reasons to Buy Solve the People Puzzle

If you’re still not completely sure this book is for you, here are four reasons why you need to own Solve the People Puzzle.

  1. Executives routinely list finding and retaining talent at their #1 concern. If you’re an executive, you need this book in order to find a better solution for recruitment and retention.
  2. Above all, this book can help you achieve your growth goals. If you are facing high turnover or have unfilled positions, there is no way you can achieve maximum growth. This book will help you solve those problems.
  3. You’ll realize you’re not alone. Kathleen draws on personal anecdotes and conversations with other CEOs to share the mistakes and triumphs that come along with building the right team for your business.
  4. You’ll be able to better define your company’s values and use that to understand and improve your reputation as an employer. Finding people who are the right match for your company depends on being able to define yourself clearly to prospective candidates.

These are just four of the reasons why you should buy Solve the People Puzzle, but there are many more. Stay tuned for additional details on the book launch and how you can buy your copy.

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Clynt Taylor CEO, Intervention Insights

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