TalenTrust CEO Speaks at Chicago Vistage Event on Talent

Talent is the No. 1 decision facing CEOs. The November 7th Executive Workshop in Chicago is a launch pad to prioritize talent as a business strategy. 

Expert presenters, including TalenTrust Founder & CEO Kathleen Quinn Votaw, will speak specifically to the CEO’s role in integrating talent planning into business strategy. They’ll help attendees cultivate a new perspective — accelerating the ability to hire, engage, manage and motivate the best of the best.

Why Attend: Vistage states that the belief that talent is an HR decision is not only limiting, it leaves your company poised to fall behind the competition. As leader, you dictate your company culture. You decide how to prioritize talent. You make strategic decisions in support of smarter, more cost-effective practices. Your company. Your people. Your imperative.  

Votaw’s workshop will outline best practices to:

  • Fix the recruiting tactics failing most firms.
  • Find the right balance of recruitment and retention.
  • Shift focus to quality over quantity in building candidate pipelines.

For more information or to register, visit the event site.

“TalenTrust helped us grow by over 250%. TalenTrust created holistic, scalable, cost-effective solutions that made sense for us. They have a great track record of helping high growth companies.” 

Scott Davis Director of Recruiting, Mercury

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Thanksgiving message from our CEO - Kathleen Quinn Votaw

Decision Factors: Climb to Recovery with expert contribution by Kathleen Quinn Votaw