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Dare to Care in the Workplace with Adam Witty

Check out Kathleen Quinn Votaw's podcast on Forbes Books:

Are you ready to dare to care in the workplace? If so, Kathleen welcomes Adam Witty, CEO of Forbes Books and author of ‘The Authority Advantage,’ a guide to impactful thought leadership. Beyond impressive business accomplishments, Adam’s mission is empowering leaders focused on positive change, not ego. His book reveals the blueprint for building credibility through valuable ideas, authentic branding, and effective messaging. Kathleen and Adam will discuss why caring deeply about your purpose matters in today’s fragmented media climate.

They’ll share strategies for engaging audiences through vulnerability instead of hype. And they’ll talk about developing a mindset of service over self – the key to making a significant impact. If you want to lead with more heart, this is an unmissable episode.

Join Kathleen and Adam for an inspiring conversation on daring to care more at work and in life. You’ll come away motivated to serve with compassion, tell better stories, and grow into the leader you want to be.


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