When I joined TalenTrust in January 2015, I was not looking to leave my current organization, but a friend convinced me to check out TalenTrust because it was exceptional in leadership, culture, and the way it does business. What I discovered is a firm that cares deeply about its customers and is not afraid to do things differently to get better results. All of this was totally different from the recruiting and staffing firms I’d come from. I am now passionate about my role as TalenTrust’s “voice of our customers.”

One of the things I appreciate most about TalenTrust is that we actively live our core values, which gives us clarity in our work together and makes it easy to serve our clients well, ensuring they get what they need. Our core values are our true north; we have only to look to them and we’ll find the right answer. Our team works collaboratively and has great spirit, backed by all the resources we need. 

Together, we fearlessly innovate to solve complex problems for clients whose people processes and talent acquisition functions must be strategically optimized to drive company growth and accomplish business goals. We love it when we can share wins with them and it’s fun to celebrate all the good stuff together. Luckily, wins seem to come up every day! 

I am a proud Colorado native and active alumna of Colorado State University, as is my husband. Outside of work you can find me at every Rams game, at home or away, or baking treats with my two small sons. I’m so grateful to have a professional life that’s in balance with my fulfilling family life. People strive their entire lives for that, and I’ve got it!

“Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

—Lou Holtz

Other Honors & Awards

2018 Founder’s Award

2017 Founder’s Award