When I saw that the core values at TalenTrust were the same as mine, I immediately knew it was the right place for me! I so appreciate being part of a team that’s disrupting the recruiting industry by taking clients away from the “butts in seats” approach and into innovative directions for a new age. It’s very exciting work and incredibly rewarding to see how the people we’ve helped hire help our clients achieve their business goals.

Working in our virtual team environment offers the kind of flexibility I need in my life. Amazingly, I’ve found that I feel more connected to TalenTrust teammates across the country than I have to past colleagues who sat in the same room! 

I’ve earned a BS in business administration with an emphasis in marketing, and a BA in journalism and technical communications with an emphasis in public relations. Years in recruiting and project coordination after college eventually led me to TalenTrust. When I’m not working I like hanging out with my family at the best of Colorado’s tap rooms and reading.

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.”

—Theodore Roosevelt

Other Honors & Awards

2018 Q1 & Q2 Core Value Award

2020 Q1 Core Value Award

2020 Annual Core Value Award

2021 Annual Core Value Award