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TalenTrust's People Strategy Goes Far Beyond Recruitment Outsourcing

There is an alternative to letting your in-house HR department handle recruitment and hiring a run-of-the-mill recruitment outsourcing agency. For companies that are truly invested in talent, outsourcing to TalenTrust and allowing us to create a tailored people strategy means taking the pressure off of your in-house team and gaining a trusted partner with a specific expertise in hiring and retaining the best possible talent for your company. TalenTrust looks at your business holistically to help you achieve your growth goals. Only after we do a full assessment of your company and see how recruitment can help you get to the next level of growth do we begin the recruitment process. And we give a 100% guarantee that all positions will be filled with qualified candidates who fit your culture.

Our People Strategy: Much More Than Recruitment Outsourcing

According to a April 2015 Harris Poll for CareerBuilder, recruitment is becoming a major issue in the post-recession business landscape. CEOs are looking to HR to act as a strategic partner to help them address the complexities of the current job market, pressures to grow strategically while keeping employees engaged, and the difficulty of finding skilled talent. But in-house HR departments, which must also meet the myriad tactical demands of the company (including payroll, compensation, benefits, and policies), often struggle to play this strategic role.

According to the Harris Poll, 60% of CEOs reported that their companies were unable to reach their full potential because of a lack of qualified candidates. Other recruitment challenges named by CEOs were inefficient recruitment processes that drag on for much too long and don’t create a positive candidate experience.

Companies are beginning to realize that their in-house departments cannot provide the strategic HR they need and therefore are looking for recruitment outsourcing. But while recruitment outsourcing takes pressure of in-house HR departments, traditional recruitment agencies still rely on an outdated and broken method that is highly transactional. In the Harris Poll, nearly half of CEOs said that their companies have lost money due to inefficient recruiting, so bringing on TalenTrust to create a people strategy and be a strategic recruiting partner makes good business sense. We work to find and retain engaged and loyal employees who will continue to contribute to the growth of your company long after the initial recruitment phase.

TalenTrust has the specific expertise necessary to craft a personalized people strategy for your company. We work as a partner over the long term in order to create processes for everything from employee engagement surveys and employment branding, to hiring manager training, onboarding and ongoing infrastructure support. Where internal HR departments are often occupied with tactical processes, and traditional recruiters are focused only on recruitment (and have no incentive to find you candidates who are the perfect fit or will help your company grow), TalenTrust keeps your company's goals and culture in mind in order to find the talent who will share your vision.

TalenTrust's people strategy includes a suite of services related to recruitment, retention, engagement and more.  So don't be limited by traditional recruitment outsourcing. Our people strategy helps you achieve your growth goals at a much higher level. Our ability to analyze trends across industries gives us a broader understanding of the market, and we use this knowledge to create a tailored approach for your company.

TalenTrust provides much more than strategic HR or recruitment outsourcing—we take a holistic approach to Human Capital Consulting and will create a people strategy to drive growth at your company.


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