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Encouraging Long-Term Career Development

As we talked about last week, our people strategy goes way beyond traditional HR and outsourced recruitment practices. Part of what makes our people strategy so unique is that, while strategic recruitment is often part of our process, we don't just put a candidate into a position and walk away—we continue to work with the company and the employee to encourage long-term career development. We partner with companies that know their recruitment process is ineffective and are willing to look outside of their internal resources and traditional recruiting to a more strategic, process-driven, and proven approach.


The first step in our process is often a culture assessment. We look holistically at a business to understand its growth goals and how talent fits into that framework—does it need senior executives, or is it struggling to attract and retain young talent who can potentially grow with the company?


We start to lay the foundation for long-term career development by clearly communicating the company's culture to potential candidates and then helping the company hire candidates who best fit the culture. Bringing someone on board who has different values and goals is almost guaranteed to result in turnover. We focus on helping businesses find candidates who match their culture and who will be inspired to stay with the company and grow in their career.


Millennials and Long-Term Career Development

Creating a long-term career development plan is especially important given the current demographics of the global workforce. By 2020, Millennials will make up 75% of the workforce, and they will be seeking jobs that can keep them engaged and motivated over the long term. There is a stereotype (with some truth to it) that Millennials don't want to stay in one position/with one company over their entire career, but a more nuanced perspective is that they are not content to stay with a company that does not promise them growth and advancement opportunities. In fact, according to this year's COIN Report, "52 percent of Millennials say that career progression is the most important thing they look for in an employer—topping even salary."


TalenTrust helps our clients meet this expectation and encourage long-term career development by offering a suite of services beyond strategic recruitment. Hiring manager training, compensation analysis, tailored onboarding process, and continuing assessments all ensure that candidates will get up to speed quickly and start living up to their potential as future executives.


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