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The State of Arkansas Health Department

TalenTrust successfully executed a $3M project for the State of Arkansas by supplying a contract workforce of critical frontline employees who supported the COVID-19 response for the Arkansas Department of Health.

Over the duration of the project, we hired 180+ contractors and maintained an average team size of between 70- 80 staff for a period of aprox. 45 weeks. This included key data entry, call center, health program specialist, public information specialist, and leadership positions.  In addition to the recruitment of the positions, we provided key administrative support to the State of Arkansas for seamless billing and budget management.

Position Types Included:
  • Data Entry Clerks
  • Call Center Representatives
  • Supervisors
  • Health Program Specialists
  • Public Information Specialist

TalenTrust supported in both onboarding and then downsizing, in alignment with the SOA's hiring needs and required timeline.

Key Results & Impact:
  • Successfully executed $3 Million project.
  • 80+ contractors employed on an ongoing basis for over 45 weeks.
  • Achieved all SLA expectations.

TalenTrust is proud to have supported the State of Arkansas and employed hundreds of people during a challenging and unprecedented time.

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