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Vistage Florida


Vistage Florida offers execitive coaching and resources to CEOs in Florida. They are a part of Vistage, the world’s leading business advisory and executive coaching organization. The Vistage Florida team is comprised of executives with more than 20 years’ experience in executive and senior management positions with Fortune 1000 companies, start-ups, and divisions of multinational firms, government agencies and running their own consulting firms.


Vistage Florida needed to make a strategic hire for a very important position within the organization. It was critical that they find the right candidate to fit into their unique organization and team. The company had limited time and resources to dedicate to this search and knew they needed experts to support them.


Vistage Florida CEO, Cindy Hesterman knew that the ideal partner for their search was TalenTrust. Cindy has known TalenTrust Founder and CEO, Kathleen Quinn Votaw for many years and chose to place her trust in TalenTrust for this critical role. “TalenTrust understood our organization since Kathleen is both a Vistage speaker and member. She had also met most of our staff over the past several years” says Hesterman, enabling TalenTrust to easily plug-in and become a partner and valuable addition to the Vistage Florida team.

TalenTrust was able to quickly adapt to the unique needs of the Vistage Florida team, “They understood the importance of the position, and knew that they would need to find someone who was currently employed in the Jacksonville area. They even agreed to utilize our Predictive Index assessment as an initial screening tool. They also understood that my time was limited, so that I would only want to interview candidates who were extremely qualified for the position” says Hesterman.

During the partnership kick-off, TalenTrust made sure they understood the job description and the ideal attributes the team wanted in a candidate. “They handled the initial interviews, worked closely with our outsourced HR consultant, and reached out to ask clarifying questions as needed,” Hesterman says.

TalenTrust began the position search, providing weekly updates to Cindy and her team on how the project was going and passing along qualified candidates who were interview ready and fit the position criteria. Because of this, TalenTrust was quickly able to find the perfect candidate for the Vistage Florida team.

“Our new hire has been able to step right into the role and make a difference immediately, taking a load off me and identifying areas where our internal processes can be improved.” says Hesterman. The candidate’s experience was well suited for the role allowing them to not only make an immediate impact but also to fit in well with the company's culture and community.

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