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Dare to Care in the Workplace with Josh Bersin

Check out Kathleen Quinn Votaw's podcast on Forbes Books:

The pandemic has changed the workplace forever, but is your company built to falter or thrive in a new hybrid environment. Each week, join Kathleen Quinn Votaw, an expert on helping employers create people-centric and relationship-based workplaces, as she speaks with thought leaders and practitioners who have successfully navigated the new way to work—from home, or anywhere, together. If you’re looking to build a strong company culture, this is the podcast for you, Dare to Care in The Workplace with Kathleen Quinn Votaw, a production of ForbesBooks.

Kathleen welcomes Josh Bersin to the podcast.   Josh is an acclaimed research analyst, speaker, and writer in the areas of human resources, technology, learning, and leadership. He’s also the founder of the Josh Bersin Academy, the first global development academy for HR professionals, and the CEO of the Josh Bersin Company, which provides a wide range of research and advisory services to help HR leaders. In part one, Josh shares how HR teams have transformed over the course of his 20+ year career, why companies must focus on the employee experience, and the importance of ‘creating candidates’.




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